View Full Version : my Ruger M77 MKII rocks

August 7, 2006, 09:00 PM
i have a ruger m77 MkII in .223 with a mueller 8-25x. I went down to the range the other day and shot a .97" 5 shot group @ 100 yds. im very excited about this considering its right ouf the box except for sanding a little of the stock to float the barrel. I did it with cheepie american eagle 55gr. FMJ ammo too. damn the stock trigger sucks.

what kind of power do you guys have on your scopes? I grouped my fathers kimber 22-250 w/ leupold VX-III 4.5-14 and the best group i could get was over an inch and a half. i dont think 14x is enough.

August 7, 2006, 09:42 PM
I have an M77 All Weather and have been pretty happy with it. The timney trigger is a piece of cake to install and is an enormous improvement over stock.

I assume you have a varmint model. My aunt's boyfriend has one in .243win and loves it. It'll shoot one hole groups all day.

August 7, 2006, 09:45 PM
Captain: What do you think of the Mueller scope? I have heard good and bad about them and wondered if I should get one. Thanks

August 7, 2006, 10:32 PM
actually its just the standard sporting m77 mkII. im hoping with a little more ammo tests and a new trigger i can shrink that group down to one hole.

as for the mueller scope -
i absolutly love it. i really cant seem to find anything that will compete with this mueller as far as quality/price so i will prabably be getting another one for my next bolt gun. very clear but its not quite as bright as the leupold VX-III i did a little side by side comparison with. I love the target turrets, they have a audible and very deffinite click - doest feel cheap. must remember...the vx-III is about 4 times the price.

the only other scopes im really curious about are the nikko-sterling optics you can get from legacy sports but they dont seem to be very popular at all so im going to pass on those and the bushnell banner 6-24 but im not really sure about that one...its a 130 dollar scope. cant imagine its much better than a tasco or a simmons.


August 8, 2006, 08:47 AM
If you are looking at good cheap scopes check out the alpen apex!!! I just put one on my winchester 223!! For $250 the clarity and so far quality its wonderful. Feels smooth big fov. love it I think its prolly along the lines of the mueller. I waws only a little hesitant buying a scope by phone thats the only reason i was hesitant on the mueller. I heard nothing but great things about it for the money!!!

629 shooter
August 8, 2006, 11:23 PM
what kind of power do you guys have on your scopes? I grouped my fathers kimber 22-250 w/ leupold VX-III 4.5-14 and the best group i could get was over an inch and a half. i dont think 14x is enough.

The best group I ever fired at 100 yards - in the .2s was with a 12X Burris. I think 14X is plenty enough unless you are in a benchrest match.

August 9, 2006, 12:21 AM
I generally keep the 3-9x scope on my Marlin in the 3x-5x range. More than that, even using a hasty sling, it just get's a bit too "jiggly" for me. With a benchrest (don't have one) maybe I'd crank it up all the way. I've never used a scope in the 12x-20x range, and I'm sure they're nice on a benchrest, but I can't imagine using one offhand (the way I usually shoot).

August 9, 2006, 11:26 AM
I have a 77 mk2 in 223. The only problem is that I can't get my reloads to shoot as good as win white box 45gr, which are one holers. Aggravating

john in jax
August 9, 2006, 12:41 PM
I hunt with my my Ruger M77 MkII VLE in .308 all season long so I try and keep/shoot the Leupold on it at 4x-6x, because that is most likely where it will be when I take a shot from my tree stand.

I bought the rifle used, it came with a real light trigger. and as you say "it rocks" . . . the most accurate rifle I've ever owned.

August 9, 2006, 08:32 PM
I have the same ruger model in the same .223 caliber...I added a long harris bipod to mine,butler creek flip up lense covers for the front and rear.. and put a TASCO 6-24x on it.thats right, a 80 dollar new in the box tasco.theres no irons on it,the scope has remained sighted in and zero'd since the day I originally sighted it in...its almost boring to shoot groundhogs with,theres just no challenge.so yes..it rocks!

I sighted mine in with blackhills 51 gr vmax ballistic [email protected] yards.I have to special order them as the dealer doesnt stock them anymore.I put the power on 16 and sit an wait,those ballistic tipped rounds will do the job in 1 shot and with less chance of the round passing through and a riccochet.

its the best buy I ever made.

August 9, 2006, 11:15 PM
Mine will outshoot me (consistently <2" with Remington Express and Win Powerpoint, but I haven't measured exactly) and has been pretty durable too. IMO, the M77 is extremely underrated. I'll be adding a HS Precision stock to mine in the near future (any suggestions on color (http://www.hsprecision.com/new_spr.htm)?). Hopefully that (along with more practice and maybe some better ammo) will help tighten my groups.

Out of curiosity, has anybody had their barrel recrowned? Did it do anything for accuracy?

August 10, 2006, 09:28 PM
I just got mine, in the great .270 Winchester.

It shoots nicely, very nicely. I think that the only things I would ever do is take it to a gunsmith for a trigger and to get the barrel free-floated. (of course i could just do that myself.)

August 11, 2006, 07:42 AM
.308, best group 9/16", WORST group 15/16"
19" barrel
This thing is just down right handy!

Art Eatman
August 11, 2006, 08:17 AM
Another "true believer" in the 77 Mk II in .223. It's always given me 1/2 MOA, even before the Timney installation. :) Good prairie dog rifle.


August 11, 2006, 03:55 PM
and shot a .97" 5 shot group @ 100 yds.

Sweet; congrats! :)

Fat White Boy
August 12, 2006, 09:17 PM
629Shooter- What loads are you using in the .22-250? If you reload, work up some different loads using a 52gr HPBT bullet. I use 38.5 grains of IMR4350. Yours will probably be different but when you get the right combo, you will know it...

August 13, 2006, 11:09 AM
I love my Ruger MKII Stainless 308Win. Great rifle. hpg