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August 6, 2006, 07:26 PM
Over the past couple of weeks, I have made it more and more a practice of carrying not one but two guns on my belt under my coat. The primary at 3-4 o clock being a 4 inch medium sized revolver and a secondary a 2 inch D frame revolver at crossdraw position.

Typically, I carry one or the other, but on a day when I am driving a lot in the car I like to have the full potential of a 4 inch revolver and the recoil control over a larger heavier frame when walking around, but for driving around, I find the crossdraw position MUCH easier to get to and a 2 inch barrel making it easier to manuver in an enclosed vehicle (less likelyhood of a shorter barrel bumping onto the steering wheel in a quick moment)

The primary gun at 3 or 4 o clock postion while clipped into a seatbelt while sitting up against a middle console would be very troublesome to grab in a needed moment.

As most policemen carry their guns in this position, I was wondering what they do to circumvent this handicap? Carry a gun on the seat next to them under a newspaper? Carry a small crossdraw holster on their belt?

August 6, 2006, 07:31 PM
Not worry about it because they're behind teh wheel of a 4600# mass of steel with enough angry horses at their beck and call to move an army?

Y'know, just sayin'...

August 7, 2006, 01:48 AM
patrolmen carry it at 3 o'clock, and patrolmen dont usually have to worry about carjackers or situations where youd have to draw while sitting in the car. The tend to get out of the car before they draw their weapons. Now, a cop doing UC work in a car all day might consider a crossdraw, or the ultimate car rig, a shoulder holster (even works with the seatbelt on).

gfen, are you refering to the ford 4.6 litre in the crown vics??? because they really arnt that fast. I see old ladies driving those heaps all the time.

August 7, 2006, 02:27 AM
At my department we actually practice drawing from behind the wheel a fair amount. There are countless situations where this could need to happen, i.e. suspect jumps out of car shooting just as they come to a stop on a traffic stop, subject walks up on you while your stationary with ill intent, etc. It's never an easy draw, but you can get quick at it with practice.

August 7, 2006, 03:01 AM
I typicaly wore a BUG in ankle holster (SP101 or PPK/s) on my left ankle - very easy to draw in a vehicle, and nice to have around any time.

August 7, 2006, 09:28 AM
Interesting responses.

a shoulder holster (even works with the seatbelt on).

Yes it is! I carry this way sometimes when I just want to carry one gun and I am not going to a courthouse or somewhere where I would want to take my coat off (shoulder holsters are fairly easy to get off....but they are a hassel to get back on while in the car.)

I heard a CHLer a few weeks ago chatting around the gunstore saying that he carries a Glock in the door of his car.

My mom carries a 2 inch M-10.....in her trash bag hanging on the transmission selector stick (interesting thread on this a while back: http://www.thefiringline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=212750&highlight=scream )

August 7, 2006, 12:04 PM
gfen, are you refering to the ford 4.6 litre in the crown vics??? because they really arnt that fast. I see old ladies driving those heaps all the time

Watch it, youngster. Us little old ladies like to drive fast too, ya know :D


August 7, 2006, 04:04 PM
sorry springmom, i was refering to the little old ladies who are in front of me when im late for work

August 7, 2006, 04:13 PM
RE: Car Carry.

I find it easier to draw from 4 o'clock or 4:30 position if seated in the car. Simple enough. Buy pants with belt loops spaced so you can carry at 3 or 3:30 (normal) and slide it to 4:30 when you get to a seated place. If you push the grip upwards some this makes it quite comfortable.

For this draw all you have to do is lean forward (good tactically because it maximizes the dash's cover) and reach back as if to unbuckle your seatbelt.

For road trips of more than 2 hours or so, I do throw on my beretta in a shoulder holster under a loose shirt with my primary carry in its normal position.

My normal carry gun is a 4" XD in .45 acp. My previous carry gun was the beretta 92, both in an IWB holster.

August 8, 2006, 01:36 PM
I've been considering going to a similiar setup, only with autoloaders. Normally I carry my primary CCW around 4 or 5 o'clock and two spare magazines around 8 o'lock. My thought has been carrying one of my .380s at 9 or 10 o'clock in a cross draw or vertical belt holster. This way it would give me a gun that was not only easier to access while seated, but easier to access with my weak hand as well (using a cavalry draw).

I believe two guns are better than one, and this just seems like the best all around carry position for a BUG.

August 8, 2006, 01:41 PM
Actually, in the patrol car my gun is at 3 oclock and the holsters usually sit away from the body since they aren't concealment holsters. This gives sufficient clearance to grab my gun without any problems, also most police cars don't have a middle console up against the officer because the radio and computer and everything are there instead which also allows room to grab for your gun.

Although I do know a couple of UC guys who will wear cross-draw when working lots of buy busts from cars for exactly that reason of being concealed and needing quick access.

August 11, 2006, 11:05 AM
Doug, I carry mostly in a fanny pack and it can be difficult to access the gun while in the car and belted in. I have learned to maintain situational awareness better. When I get tired of keeping my shields up I just pull out the Glock and put it next to my leg. No one knows a thing. If Johnny Law pulls me over, the gun is packed away before they get to my vehicle, no harm no foul.

August 11, 2006, 01:24 PM
As a couple of other guys here have said: while on patrol the weapon is at 3 or 9 (depending on what hand is your gun-hand). The holster sits off of your body so you can get to it.

However, there is plenty of training to help overcome the difficulties of drawing the weapon while seated and stationary or even driving that officers receive.

August 21, 2006, 06:17 PM
i carry at 3 o clock... even while seated or whatever, OWB sig p239 in .40 just so ya know.. i do not always wear my seatbelt... but when i do we were trained (police reserve) as the car slows or you think trouble might be coming to pop that seatbelt... and drawing from 3 o clock for me while seated is very easy..
hope this helps

August 22, 2006, 01:03 AM
threegun, I have found the fanny pack to be the easiest position to draw from while buckled in the car. Center the pack in front of you. Draw the seat belt around you, and lift the pack so that the lap belt goes underneath the pack. Makes for a very easy draw.

August 22, 2006, 11:47 AM
Gaz, I can touch the gun in the fanny pack while seated perfectly. Its getting a proper grip (quickly) that becomes a problem for me. I feel that if someone quickly jumped out of the car in front, behind, or along side of me, it would be difficult to get the pistol fast enough unless I cheat. Cheating is when I partially raise the gun so as the handle is exposed but the muzzle is still in the pack. If the threat level goes up (from a bad area or suspicious vehicle) I pull it out and put it next to my leg on the seat. I do love my fanny pack.