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July 29, 2006, 07:50 PM
Hello gentlemen,

I'm trying to find out some info about a Remington UMC 1911 my friend owns, history, value, etc.


Patented Dec. 19. 1905
Feb. 14. 1911
Aug 13. 1913
Colt's PT.F.A.MFG.CO
Remington UMC
Manufactured By Remington Arms UMC CO. INC.
Bridgeport. Conn. U.S.A

United States Property
below E.E.C. marking it has an eagle's head I think with either 'E26' or '28' or 'F26 or '28' not sure my eyes are not that great.

It has an 'E' on the trigger loop and an 'E' above the hammer under the rear sight, and an 'E' below the loop near the clip housing
Also has number '44' on opposite side of trigger loop from 'E'
NO 5121

It's in great condition i'd say...from the pictures i've seen from browsing other sites i'd say it's in atleast 95% condition.

Many Thanks!

July 30, 2006, 09:40 AM
E.E.C. is the Ordnance acceptance stamp of Major Edmund E. Chapman.
Eagle's head is an inspection symbol.
IF the SN is 5121, there should also be an "E" stamped at the rear of the slide above the firing pin stop.

James K
July 31, 2006, 12:34 PM
First off, Remington-UMC is Remington Arms Co., which made about 21,500 M1911 pistols in 1918-1919, the WWI era. They should not be confused with the much more common M1911A1 pistols made by Remington Rand, a separate company, during WWII.

In the condition you describe, it should be worth around $3000 or more, considering the relative scarcity. I will note that guns that old were often rebuilt and refinished by the military; such refinish would reduce the value.