View Full Version : Remmington 1875 clone help

July 23, 2006, 10:52 AM
Hi i got my umberti 1875 a week ago and am waiting for my second to come in 357 Mag with 5 1/2 inch barrel sweet gun But i have 2 questions about them. will the brass trigger guards off a Remington 58 fit on these with out any ugly gaps my specs are very front of trigger gaurd is .730 inches very rear is .824 inches with overall length being 2.52 inches and center of the screw in the front to front of trigger guard is 0.155 inches who knew calipers had other uses than just measuring cases? my second question is the internal workings of a remmington close enough to a 1873 colt to make getting one of the armour videos for the colt worth while or has anyone seen a video on the 1875? Thanks

James K
July 23, 2006, 09:45 PM
The internal works of the Remington are close enough to the Colt to let the video be of some use, but they are not identical. One difference is that the hammer and hand both come out the bottom on the Colt, but in the Remington the hammer has to be pulled down to expose the hand screw. When that is removed, the hand comes out the bottom but the hammer comes out the top.

And of course, the frame and straps of the Remington are one piece with the barrel screwed in, while the Colt uses a two piece grip and a separate barrel.