View Full Version : Rellascout, Gentleman and Shooter!

July 17, 2006, 06:28 PM
I had the occasion to meet with Rellascout and buy a silver chrome Browning HiPower on Saturday, and I have to say, he's 100%.
The pistol is near perfect condition, with my only complaint being the trigger reset is a little weak, but a new trigger spring will fix that.
The factory adjustable sights are regulated well, and it shoots perfectly to point of aim, and groups very nicely at about 1.5" at 10meters.
I bought a set of PT adjustable Night sights today and will fit them when I get home, but the factory sights are nice, if a little high profile.
The gun came in a hard case with two 15-round mec-gar mags, and each worked perfectly.
I changed the recoil spring to 18.5#, and shot approximately 600 rounds through it on Sunday. Wonderful little shooter!
I enjoyed meeting Rellascout and his very nice, if a little talkative, neighbor.