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Double Naught Spy
July 13, 2006, 08:57 AM
For those of you interested in the 1986 firefight in Miami between the FBI and the bad guys Platt and Matix, Forensic Analysis of the April 11, 1986, FBI Firefight by W. French Anderson is now out via Paladin Press. For those of us not in law enforcement, Anderson previously would not provide copies of the report and so such information from it was usually limited to partial bits and pieces during gun school lecture or websites such as


There is some very heated exchanges between Shawn Dodson and Massad Ayoob concerning this event and who does or does not have the facts right in the case:


Keep in mind that this book contains fully graphic color plates, autopsy photographs, of Platt and Matix. They are quite interesting if you don't mind that sort of thing too much.

What is interesting to note is that this last revision of Anderson's original work and earlier versions were supported by those in the fight itself. No doubt not everything is resolved in this report, but the basic facts of the report appear solid in terms of descriptions of wounds, guns, ammo, etc. It is interesting to note that the author noted some problems that will never be resolved. For example, Orrantia and Risner have no knowledge of Platt approaching Mireles and firing three shots with a revolver near the end of the fight, all three missing, and then stumbling back to the vehicle in an attempt to flee and Orrantia and Risner had been adament that the event never happened even though the event was witnessed.

Anyway, for those interested in the incident and who don't have access to official FBI materials or the original report, the 20 year anniversary of the event was on April 11, 2006 and this book was published for the anniversary. Between the book and the web sites above, there is a lot of very interesting insight into the events that transpired that day and their analysis, recording, and interpretation.

Oh, and the book is $25, delivered.


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