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July 10, 2006, 06:29 AM
For you out there into re-enacting, I would not deal with [email protected]
I ordered a caped hunting frock on 5-12-06. My credit card has been charged. During the time allowed for them to make this item (he said about 8 weeks) I tried to contact them and see how it was going.
Well, nobody answers the phone, nobody answers e-mails.
Finally I sent a threatening e-mail and got one back saying it's almost ready.
I went to the site to get a contact number and the site was gone!!!!
It's back up now and I talked to the owners. A promise to ship on 6-22-06 was ok'ed by me.
You guessed it, it ain't here.
I have been trying to contact then for a couple weeks to no avail.
So my advice is don't order nothing from agesanderas or Corey and Tara Ertz, the owners.

August 12, 2006, 04:51 AM
Ahhhh, here we go. Finally got my frock. Of course it wasn't quite right but a friend of mine is fixing it.
They changed their website to
agesanderas.net and still don't answer e-mails or phone calls.
I guess they're too busy vacationing to worry about customers.

August 12, 2006, 02:43 PM
The dealer said 8 weeks and lived up to his word.

From the information you give, it sounds like you're condemning the people for your own mistrust.


August 14, 2006, 01:39 PM
The dealer said 8 weeks and lived up to his word.

From the information you give, it sounds like you're condemning the people for your own mistrust.


I count 13 weeks(5-12-06 to 8-12-06), that is 5 weeks too long. So I would say he has a legitimate gripe.

August 14, 2006, 07:05 PM
The dealer said "about" 8 weeks.
The original complaining post was 8 business weeks from the order date.

I still think the poster jumped the gun in complaining to the world.

Sounds like a business too small to have a customer service department; too busy to handle the traffic. Some holster shops are like that too.


August 14, 2006, 07:45 PM
I was wondering what your take on this is. You are invited to dinner and told to be there at 5:00 PM. You don't show up until 9:30 PM. 9:30 is around 5:00 correct. Would you be surprised if they were upset or would you expect it?

August 15, 2006, 11:00 AM
CrustyFN said:I was wondering what your take on this is....9:30 is around 5:00 correct...

My take is that, measured in hours, 9:00 is NOT around 5:30.:)

While, measured in weeks, 5-12-06 to 7-10-2006 is definitely about 8 weeks.
Note that about 8 weeks "to make this item" doesn't include shipping time.

Individual readers will decide what they want, just wanted to point out the arithmetic.:cool:

I would do the same if the dealer complained that over-anxious customers interrupted his work and delayed production.

Since often the dealer doesn't have a voice here; we need to be accurate in order to maintain the value of the forum and not needlessly damage struggling businesses.;)


August 15, 2006, 01:37 PM
I see your point Lancel. I do think Doubletaptap should have waited a little bit longer to make this posting. However, he did make this post at the 8 week mark and did not receive his product until the 12-13 week mark. That's 50% longer than the 8 week he was told. I would be upset too if I had to wait that long with no communication after the 8th week. If you want people to continue purchasing from you and you want good word of mouth...you MUST have good communication. Bottom line is Doubletaptap needs to relax a little and realize that things happen. And [email protected] should have had better communication if they expect to stay in business.

August 15, 2006, 07:36 PM
I must have read the post wrong. It looked to me like he ordered on 5-12 and received on 8-12, that would be 12 weeks not 8. I just ran the dinner situation to see what you thought because it really happened to a friend of mine. He and his wife invited his Mom to dinner and told her to be there at 5:00 PM. She showed up at 9:30 PM and told them well it was around 5:00.:D My friend was very upset.

August 15, 2006, 08:03 PM
my 2 cents, not that anyone asked but i dont mind people shipping late, it happens all the time, i just get nervous when they are late and dont return emails. as long as they are communicating, late isn't soo bad

August 15, 2006, 09:50 PM
Hey CrustyFN! Yeah, I was confused too on the dates and how some people thought it had only been 8 weeks instead of 12. It took me awhile to realize that the first post with the negative comments were made on 7/10, exactly 8 weeks after he placed the order. He didn't really give him time to ship and receive the product before publicly complaining.

dale taylor
September 13, 2006, 08:46 AM
Four weeks late is 50%. Still money was not lost. Internet trades are RISKY. I've been burned twice. Attitude counts in getting trust. [email protected]