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July 7, 2006, 04:13 PM
Greetings to all,

In years past, I have traditionally traveled to some land that I own in Vermont to do my shooting at my own range there--I enjoy the peaceful and hospitable environment, and although I am from out of state, my neighbors and I treat each other with mutual respect and courtesy. Unfortunately, an increasingly busy lifestyle no longer permits me to take the time to commute up north, and I am (sigh) looking for a place to shoot regularly here on the north shore of Massachusetts.

Given that I have shunned ranges for some time, I am out of touch with what they are like these days. Do they attract serious, dedicated, safe shooters, or are they meeting places for giggling, spray-and-praying idiots whose every third word is “dude”, “sick”, “sucks”, “yo”, “gay” etc.? The prospect of walking into a range only to have to cope with some inept punk shooting “gangsta syle” in the lane next to me turns my stomach.

Please correct me if my fears are unfounded, but I have overheard many accounts of people acting out their infantile fantasies on gun ranges, blasting away in imitation of movie or video game heroes. I performed a search on the database here and turned up a large number of hits for “range stupidity” incidents, and this disturbs me.

I realize that a gun or fish and game club would likely attract less of this element because of the commitment required in terms of membership dues, application paperwork, etc.

Obviously the telling of actual range incidents has been beaten to death here, and I’m not asking anybody for stories, but simply for suggestions on the best way for a reserved, studious, responsible person to practice shooting with no distractions.
In a nutshell, do you know of a place on the north shore of MA that has a sterling reputation among serious shooters and a ZERO tolerance policy for stupidity? I’d like to believe they all do, but I know from reliable accounts that such is not the case.

Even if you aren’t familiar with MA, could you share some general insights on the “state of the range” today? I’d really appreciate your input. Thank you.

July 7, 2006, 05:06 PM

You might consider joing the forums at northeastshooters.com Lots of us folks from MA hang out there.

I can't give you much input about the North Shore, since I'm in MetroWest. I did recently help out as an instructor at a Woman-on-target event at Haverhill Hound Rod & Gun Club. I've shot a couple rifle competitions at Woburn Sportsman's and Reading Rifle & Revolver. I've shot IDPA at Riverside in Hudson. I'm a member at Harvard Sportsman's and an officer at the Wayland Rod & Gun Club. I've felt safe on each and every one of those ranges.

I'd say the vast majority of the folks I've seen have been serious about shooting safely. Some certainly have better marksmanship than others. At my club, if we find someone being irresponsible, we take disciplinary action.

As for shooting with "no distractions," the only way that will happen is if you are the only person on the range.

I suggest you go visit a couple ranges and see what you think.

Are there some idiots? Unfortunately, yes. They are in the minority.

July 7, 2006, 06:18 PM
Many thanks, I just registered over at northeastshooters.com and was very glad to see all the local info, particularly the forum on ranges and clubs. Just what I needed, much appreciated M1911.

July 7, 2006, 07:23 PM
Any time, friend.

July 7, 2006, 11:08 PM
two of my very good friends are members of the harvard sportsmen club, right off route 2. I would join, but since I am at school in NY most of the year I just dont think it makes sense to at this time. I really enjoy going there with my 2 friends, the facilities are quite good and I have never seen anyone who comes close to any of the 'range horror stories' there.

July 8, 2006, 08:16 AM
there are some great places to shoot. I shoot weekly at one or both of there:



Both are good places.