View Full Version : +1 for Dave's Collectibles aka Tickbite Supply

June 27, 2006, 03:31 PM
I ordered a few SKS items from TickBiteSupply.com and got everything in a timely maner. I ordered a load of stripper clips, a buttpad extension, a windage tool, and a detachable 30 rd mag. I knew before the order arrived that the mag probably wouldn't work, so I wasn't surprised when it didn't. No big deal. Then the butt pad extension looked like a complete bubba job when installed. I sent him the pic below, and all he wrote back was, "Wow, that looks great. I'm glad you like it."
I sent the mag back and sold the extension to a friend. It only took a week for David to credit my Visa, and all in all, it was very painless. Thumbs up to his customer service, while thumbs down to his web design, devoid of details and pictures. It was my fault for ordering the mag, so I can't be upset about that. I would continue doing buisness with David without hesitation.