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matthew temkin
June 25, 2006, 10:04 AM
Below are the proposals so far.....Cost will be $135.00 for members which included Oct. 10th expo and classroom presentations (to be sent in separate e-mail) plus Oct. 11-12 range sessions and lunches provided at range. Most classes are 4 hours in length except Chief Fleury's which is 8 hours. You will be able to take a total of 16 hours of range sessions for both days.....

Name: Sergeant Bruce D. Spiewakowski
Agency: Dudley Police Department 71 West Main Street Dudley MA 01571

Title of Presentation
Building entry and room clearing

Classroom lecture presentation with dry scenario training followed by live fire range and live fire scenario training

Class size and duration
In order to restrict down time I have to limit the class to 20 participants

Brief Overview of Presentation
Presentation of methods for building entry and room clearing, clearing hallways, closets and crawl spaces. Several different techniques will be presented along with methods for dealing with suspects inside a residence. Methods for two and three man operations will be utilized.
Name: Ralph Mroz

Agency: Leverett PD

Title of Presentation
“A Complete Framework for Core Handgun Skills for the Police Officer”

Brief Overview of Presentation
Current skills development for the PO tend to fall either into traditional skills development methods or center on some “new” technique, such as the various close quarter techniques or point shooting. This course develops an organizational framework for the entire spectrum of handgun skills that POs need, from 0 to 25 yards, and the techniques necessary at various distances.


Name: Sgt Ulf Petersson
Sgt Peter Fredriksson

Agency: Skane Police Department, Sweden

Title of presentation
Point Shooting with handgun

<H1 style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt">Brief overview of Presentation</H1>Point Shooting with handgun based on Fairbairn, Sykes and Applegate.
The course will begin with a 10 min presentation of the use of firearms statistics in Skane PD, Sweden. The course will be following the Skane PD syllabus. In the end of the course there will be some drills, with blueguns, that will put the system into realistic situations.

Name: Matthew Temkin

Agency: NYC Courts

Title of Presentation CloseRange Rifle/Shotgun Point Shooting.

Brief Overview of Presentation
While a shoulder gun is usually considered to be a long range weapon quite often it is used in room combat distances of zero to about 10 yards.
This class will teach proven military & police methods of rifle shooting developed for WW2 special forces personnel.

Name: Rainsford G. Deware III (Rance Deware)

Agency: Sigarms Academy

Title of Presentation

Tactical Pistol – Shooting/Moving/Multiple Threats

Brief Overview of Presentation

Using movement gives the shooter a proven tactical advantage when engaging a threat or multiple threats. This four hour block of instruction will provide shooting techniques that will enhance your skill level with the pistol when you have to move and shoot. Forward, rearward, lateral and angular patterns of movement will be addressed. Instructional techniques will also be provided so that you as an instructor can teach these methods to your agency.
Name: Richard Verdi

Agency: Holmdel PD NJ (ret.)

Title of Presentation

“ Pistol Skills: Get out of Your Comfort Zone!”

Brief Overview of Presentation
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To explore techniques which may help shooters further increase their pistol handling skills beyond the level at which they normally feel comfortable.

Course will discuss stages of learning, reasons that shooters progress stagnates and several new techniques to help push their students performance.


Name: Capt. Mike Boyle
Agency: NJ Division of Wildlife, L.E. Division

Title of Presentation: Prevailing in Reduced Light Confrontations

Brief Overview:

This block of instruction will explore a variety of different strategies that give the officer a means to prevail. Instruction will include techniques that will allow the operator to effectively shoot, move and communicate in a reduced light environment. Threat management, the use of the hand held and weapon mounted lights and laser illuminators will be addressed.
__________________________________________________ ______

Name: Chief Ed Fleury
Agency: Pelham PD

Title of Presentation: M-16 and MP5 Training and Qualification (8 hour course offered both days- 12 maximum students per day...3-M-16 and 3- MP5 will be available to use.)

Brief overview: M-16 and MP5 training and qualification. Will also include maintenance of weapons as well as full auto and semi auto qualifications and handgun transition drills.


Sgt. Mike Conti and Trooper Paul Wosny will be offering part 2 of their class which was offered previously for MLEFIAA on the New Paridigm.

We also have Trooper Mike Sisino of the VT State Police scheduled to teach as well as Sgt. Pat Poirier , NH State Police (retired). More info to follow on these courses.

In July there will be regsitration forms for the conference. Sign up for classes is on a first-come-first served basis.....

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Joe Picariello
MLEFIAA Association Secretary