View Full Version : Senior aka Jim-he's actually trustworthy

June 22, 2006, 07:05 PM
I traded a gun with a gentleman named Jim aka Senior from San Antonio TX last week. What I got was actually better than I expected on a blind trade. He was honest and intelligent on rating the gun he traded me. He gave an accurate NRA rating of the gun. Also he called me almost every day letting me know where he was at on the deal and on the shipping. When I got the gun it was exactly what he said it was, in the exact condition he said it would be in. And to top all of that, I was stressed about getting a gun that I would have to buy two more $40 clips for, he sent me 3 instead of the expected one. If you are ever worried about dealing with a stanger online wondering if you are getting shafted (like I was), look him up and see what he has to sell. You'll be able to relax.