View Full Version : CCW on FL's WMA's

john in jax
June 16, 2006, 12:14 PM
Jeb Bush and the FL Wildlife people have changed the rules allowing those of us with CCW's to carry concealed handguns while hunting on WMA's. As I understand it, they also amended the laws so we can CCW in State Parks and Natl. Forests (NOT Natl. Parks, just Natl. Forests).

June 16, 2006, 02:55 PM
Yes and No
WMA are NOT mentioned in the new law. My local contact with the F&G says that the law that currently prohibits firearms in WMA unless its 'gun season' are in effect.
The new law, (HB-1029) that allows firearms for protection in State Parks and in National Forests takes effect the first of October. That new law is NOT in effect yet. Be careful, don't become a 'test baby' for the new law. DEP, and Fish & Game were very much against these changes, and lobbied hard to keep them from passing. They have a chip on their shoulder, and I would not want to run afoul of a Park Ranger or Game Warden while packing until the law goes into effect.
There is to be some sort of clarification about firearms in WMA soon. There has never been any ban on carrying a handgun while legally hunting during gun season. The new law does not specify CCW. From the wording, any sort of possession is ok.