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June 5, 2006, 03:48 PM

I just want to share probably the best, most economical real world training the average "joe" can get without spending thousands of dollars:

Join IPSC or IDPA in competitive shooting.


You get to participate in multi-stages / scenarios where you:
run/walk (depending on the girth of your belly) and shoot.
practice precision shooting by hostage rescue scenarios.
real world - shoot under table, behind cover, etc.
learn from friendly shooters of all backgrounds (ex military, police, others)
have tons of fun you would be otherwise thrown out of a regular firing range.

One of the scenarios / stages last month:
You are holding a baby and feeding it in hand (stuffed baby not real) and intruders break into your home. From a sitting position you throw the baby into the crib, grab your handgun from the table (loaded) and engage 9 BG's 2 of which has your wife / SO hostage.

This month: Bank vault - you are in a bank that is being robbed, and have to grab the money bag, engage BGs (12 in all) some have hostages, and throw the bag into the vault before your last shot.

Repeat the above in different stages, 5 for some, 7 for others, and you get the picture.

This is my second year participating in IPSC, and I have great fun everytime I go. Where else can you run, shoot, reload, and shoot some more and still be allowed to do more.

Let me leave you with these thoughts:

$40 Joining USPSA
$20 Participating in shooting competition
Priceless - knowing that you can engage multiple targets accurately under fire, clear your weapon of malfunctions under stress, and reload in a quick manner.