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May 26, 2006, 08:26 AM
Yesterday, at about 0500, I went to a farm nearby. I set up my game caller with a fawn in distress disc in a hay field. I backed off 200 yards and let it run, it has a 15 minute delay before it starts. I had my Remmy 22-250 and my usual GP100 4". Just after the third series on the disc a ‘yote popped out, At about 15 yards!! I drew the 357 and he saw me. He didn't run, just turned and looked straight at me. I sent the 140gr HP on its way, its loaded with 11.7gr of Blue Dot. Caught him just to the left of center in the chest. He went down and struggled, two more finished him. ( I always pound a critter until I know its done)
I stepped out to look at him when I heard something run in the brush. A minute or so later out pops another about 130yrds down the tree line. All I had in my hand at the time was the 357. What the heck, give it a try. I gave it a little front sight and fired. The bullet hit the ground just at the coyotes feet, face full of mud. Oh well, One down and one educated. I was home by 7.

May 26, 2006, 09:14 AM
using a dying cottontail call and was using an old yugo sks with iron sites at dusk. was in a bend of a ravine with creek at the bottom over looking a small island. Had an old piece of rabbit hide set out on the island as bait. the first yote came running from across the opposite side straight down the side of the ravine towards the island. Just as I was about to pull the triger I had a yote y run over the same side as me and almost ran into me . Needless to say I go the one that almost ran into me with about a 5 yard shot and the other was too occupied chewing the rabbit hide to realize what was up. He froze and was quickly put down with one shot.

Also had a pack ot yotes once chase a deer right into me during deer season (literally,,, I was still hunting a patch of scraggly oak and cedars along a well beaten deer path and the sucker was running full bore down the trail and stopped only feet short of me and he never had a chance. after the shot right through the front of his chest he just wobbled tried to turn and dropped ). I got the nice 4X4 whitetail and 3 yotes. The first yote I killed at 50 yards and the other 2 at around 60 with an old no4 mk 1 enfield in .303 british (the 180 grain winchester power points really rip through a yote) :)

Also heard of yotes going after fully camo'd guys that were using mouth calls. And the same thing with squirrel hunters ( yotes are running in packs where I am from and I always carry my beretta 96 or springfield 1911 when calling for squirrels just in case they decide to come after me and my main gun is only a 10/22 or blackpowder .36 rifle. )

May 26, 2006, 08:05 PM
I glad that this was not about a new coyote recipe, as I thought from the title. Good stories, y'all!

May 27, 2006, 08:35 AM
My Lt. tells me that he heard that a turkey hunter was bitten by two "yotes in PA. Anybody heard about this. He says the hunter was calling when he was attacked from behind.
He also told me that every time he called on his dads property here in ohio coyotes would respond shutting the turkeys down.

May 27, 2006, 10:31 AM
yup, it is a problem when yote run in packs. That is why wolves are needed to actually control the yote population. The yotes are normally not pack animals, but when competiton is gone they group up. Google it about the problems solved in Yellowstone with their re intro.

They are casing havoc on the deer population where I live and they are spreading mange and are starting to move into populated areas and near houses. We even had one go after my cats on a screened porch, but my wife dispatched him with an old 10ga .