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Pat Rogers
May 20, 2006, 01:53 AM
EAG will host a 5 Day Tactical Carbine Course at Pat Goodale's facility in Alderson, WV, 14-18Aug 2006. This is immediately after the 10-8 AK47 class held at the same facility 11-13Aug2006.
This is an Open Enrollment Course, meaning that all qualified may attend, but prerequisites are in place.

5 Day Tactical Carbine Course

Course Description:
A tactical carbine course to enhance your skill at arms with the carbine from contact to 200m. This course includes extensive square range work with carbine and pistol to improve weapon handling skills both day and night.
It also includes multiple shoot house runs, day and night, singleton and in 2 Man Teams. This course is more suited to military and police, as well as civilians who meet the requirements

This is a medium to high energy course. It is necessary that applicants have certain skills prior to attending this course. At the minimum, successful completion of a previous carbine course (military, police or commercial) is required. However, not all carbine classes are equal, nor do all instructors at some facilities teach what is necessary.
If you have questions, contact me directly.

2000 Rds 5.56x45mm Ball. M855 is acceptable in the house and on the square range, but not on steel. You will need approximately 200rds of ball to shoot on steel.
750 Rd pistol ammunition

At least 6 serviceable M4 magazines, as well as the ability to carry them on your body. Level 3 Rifle Plates and soft armor, as well as a ballistic helmet are required for the shoot house. We do not have armor available for loan- sorry!
Clear Eyepro for night shoots.
Knee pads Weapon Mounted Carbine light
Hand held light

Cost: $800. A $160 deposit is required.


Contact me directly at: [email protected]