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Wild Bill Bucks
May 9, 2006, 09:14 AM
Got to go turkey hunting this year with my sons. Everybody in camp killed a nice gobbler but me.
I've hunted deer and game all of my life, and this has got to be the most miserable hunting I have ever done.
Sat on my butt until my legs went to sleep, scratching on a stupid wooden box till my fingers hurt. Rained 4 days out of the 7.
Had em hollering all around me, but never could see one.
If I understood turkey talk, they were probably saying"Stay away from the idiot scratching the wood box".

All in All, I had pretty good time with my boys,(even though I sure took some ribbing)
Wondered if I was the only one who couldn't kill one?

May 9, 2006, 01:44 PM
Theyre dam smart those turkeys!

May 12, 2006, 05:04 PM
Were they at gobbling all around you, or just clucking & yelping? And how was your calling? Good, fair, poor? You need to sound as realistic as possible. Also, those Easterns are not as vocal, so you actually want to call very very little - a lot less than you want to call, with Easterns such as are in Pitt Co. You may have been calling too much and/or unrealistically. With easterns, you want to yelp a little, followed by a cluck or 3, then shut up for 10-15 minutes and see if they come in, then repeat. Also, you want to mix it up. If they don't come to your slate call, they may very well come to your box call, push call, or mouth call.

Also, they often get henned up real early on in the day. If you don't get one between 6 am and 7:30 am, then you're probably NOT going to get a big gobbler that morning. However, in my (limited) experience, if you're satisfied with getting a small jake, then keep on calling sparingly until 8:30 or 9:00 am, because a jake may come in silently - they don't want to gobble and get their butts kicked by a big tom. If, OTOH, you want a bigger one, quit and go take a nap about 7:30, then settle back into a spot around 11am or noon, because by then, most of the hens that the gobblers were with will be sitting on their nests, and the toms will once again be back out looking for stray hens to breed with that they missed. You can possibly get one this way anytime during the afternoon. Then, toward the evening, around 5 or 5:30, if you know where they're roosting, go in and set up again near the roost, on a likely ingress route, and call sparingly.

As for rain, if it's raining hard, they'll just stay up in the roost until it stops or lightens up, so that couldv'e been a problem. If the wind was high (more than 15-20 mph), then they are not going to be in the woods - they will move to open fields and feed there, so that they can hear & see predators coming. Turkey hunting SHOULD be one of the most enjoyable types, because they talk back to you. Did you have any of them "cut off" your yelp or cutting calls with a gobble? That's how you know they're hot to trot and probably coming in - if they cut you off with a gobble then shut up and let them come in! If a gobble sounds closer than the last gobble, you should not make any sound at all, because they're coming in, and you risk sounding unrealistic and making them get scared and turn. So if they're coming closer after calling, you should ONLY call if they suddenly sound farther, like they've turned. You should have a decoy or 2 out to give them something to entice them once they get close - did you? The best decoy is a young jake mounting a hen. This will PO the big daddys.

Turkey hunting to me is a lot more fun than deer hunting, because they're talking to you, you don't have to control your smell, it lends itself to buddy hunting (one calls, and one shoots), and it's a much higher success rate. Did you go opening weekend? That's the best time. Turkeys are stupid on opening weekend, but they quickly learn that they're being shot at, and get real quiet once hunting pressure is applied. This was my 2nd year to hunt them. Last year got 2 birds on 3 weekends. This year not as good - got 1 bird on 3 weekends. Mating season was *completely* over by the very last weekend - I did not hear a single gobble - they were clucking all around me, mostly hens I'm sure, but would not come to my calls.

Also, were the boys being still? Turkeys can see movement a lot further away than we can, and see in 330 degrees around them. Also, where to set up is very important, so that you make it as easy as possible for them to come to you. PM me and I'll try to hook you up for next year in Western OK for some Rios - they are a lot dumber and more vocal.

As for calling, a good slate call with 2 strikers is the easiest to make realistic clucks and purrs with - one wood striker for best sound, and one acrylic striker for if your slate gets wet (it will still work). Box calls are great for yelping & cutting, but harder to get realistic clucks and purrs from. I'm not good with a mouth call, but my yelp is decent, and of course you can do a mouth call without moving your hand when they get close.

Oh yeah, and as I'm sure you're aware, knowing where they roost if possible almost guarantees a successful hunt, if you set up correctly, into their flydown area. So scouting pre-season until you find a roosting area is extremely important if you want to up your likely success rate from 60% to 95%, let's say. I sure act like I know a lot for only hunting 2 seasons, don't I? Well, I did buy a book and 2 videos on the subject.

Also, on the comfort thing, there is no reason to be uncomfortable, if you're just willing to haul a bunch of crap into the woods. I am very comfortable and keep the rain and ticks off of me, not to mention make myself hidden to the turkeys, using: a doghouse popup blind that folds up like a car sunshade and is worn as a backpack into the woods, and just a regular camp folding chair, either brown or camo color - just carry it with you, and finally this product allows me to sit quietly and comfortably with my shotgun at the ready while I am calling:


May 20, 2006, 05:30 PM
LOL sounds like my Turkey hunting in Okmulgee sorry you didn't get one but don't fell bad no one that I know got one ether.Let me tell y'all my turkey hunting story.

The day(s) before the hunt.

I spent two days with a axe and a saw making a blind out of a brush pile that is about 10yds from where and Turkeys cross one of the roads on our property anyway I get done making this blind so next I take three hours patterning my shotgun and found out that heavy dove loads with a Ex-Full choke works the best out too about 30-35 yds.Ok I am all ready too go killed myself a Turkey I am doing a check list in my head the day before I go hunting lets see I got ammo,calls,gun,decoys,seat cushion,flashlight,watch(too know what time to write on tag)but I can't find the tag anywhere.I then spent the next few hours tearing my room apart looking for the #@%!^%$ tag and then I remember that it is still in my wallet from when I got it at wal-mart.So after putting my room back together I put the tag in with my Turkey hunting stuff and go to bed.

The day of the hunt.

The alarm rings at 4:15AM I turn it off and reset it to ring in 30mins and go back too sleep.Alarm rings again 4:45AM I hit the snooze button and go back too sleep again.Alarm rings again at 5:00AM I finally get up and get dressed.
By 5:30AM I get out too my blind and get the decoys set up get in my blind all really to get a Turkey.So I put on my camo gloves and my face mask(which and one of the "half-face"mask)and then realized that I forgot my hat so I have too wear my mask over my forehead and use the band of my head light too hold it up but now I can't see any thing until it gets light.So after all this I load my gun and wait and wait and wait and did I mention wait? After four hours I get bored and unload my gun and go back too the house.I change into sweat pants and and sweat shirt and get really too start my school work.(home schooled by the way:))After about 10mins I walk by our window and guess what I see?Yes you are right TURKEYS six of them too be exact so I grab my shotgun and a box call and some ammo,I put on my flip-flops and run out the door.I get with about 100yds of them and then they walk behind our barn so I try too get close too them while I can so I am crouched down moving as fast as I can with a shotgun in one hand and a box call in the other while wearing sweat pants and flip-flops my bro said I looked like Elmer Fudd.Anyway I managed too get in front of the Turkeys and started calling them with the box call but the Turkey didn't come too me(of course)instead they went on our neighbors land.

I went hunting a few more times but never saw any more.

Well that's the end of my Turkey hunting story.


May 22, 2006, 12:12 PM
Good story, Michael; I enjoyed that - sounds like you're getting close and paying attention to the details - you should get one more often than not with those techniques.

May 23, 2006, 11:40 PM
Good story, Michael; I enjoyed that - sounds like you're getting close and paying attention to the details - you should get one more often than not with those techniques.


Problem is I will have too wait untill year too get one.:(


May 25, 2006, 11:32 AM
lil bro, PM me if you want to go hunt some hogs up in Deep Fork area this summer - that's Deep Fork GMA (state), not the Deep Fork WR (federal). The land I usually hunt is just 10 or 15 miles south of there in Okfuskee County, but no hogs on it. Supposedly, they're up at Deep Fork, though.

May 27, 2006, 02:21 AM
PM sent.


Wild Bill Bucks
May 29, 2006, 11:28 AM
Thanks for the info FF. This was my first time to turkey hunt so I probably did everything as wrong as possible. Both my boys are pretty avid hunters and they were coaching ole dad, but I have to learn everything the long, hard way.
I'm sure I'll do better next year. Got a lot to learn about it though.
Don't know why I never hunted them before now, but I had a good time trying.

May 29, 2006, 12:04 PM
Well your in the wrong place. I watched one of those police video shows last night and there was one from Ohio and the cop pulled up a driver and while he was asking for his licence a turkey marched across the highway and jumped on the back of the truck giving the cop some real gobbling, then jumped on the hood of the cop car and had a go at the cop when he tried to push it off! Them Ohio turkeys have loads of b***s you might want to try them.:D