View Full Version : range report PT-745 & 642

May 4, 2006, 07:26 PM
Pumped another 100+ rounds through my new PT-745 and about 50 through my established Smith 642 today at the range.

I can see why people say that double actions severely degrade your accuracy at distance compared to single action. Trying to keep your bead on target while pulling the length of those things is extremely tough for me.

So no problems with either, I had a light strike the first time out with the 745. No troubles this time, total of 220 rounds through it and no problems. Interior wear is nominal, and I had previously degreased it and applied gun oil with no ill effects, though at some point I think I'll buy some good grease and lube it up again. I hate grease though. I like nice clear lube on my guns.

Something I did a little differently this time was worry less about the target and concentrate on what the gun was doing in my hands, specifically:
1) the sound of the shot
2) the muzzle flash
3) the kick
4) my grip on the gun

I realized that the 38 actually has more of a boom than the 45! I used two types of ammo in the snub - Magtech 158gr FMJ and Winchester WinClean 125gr JSP. The 158s had a "golden" colored flash that spread out in sort of a 'bowtie' pattern from my POV. The Winchesters had more of a "silver" colored flash and were more circular. And the 125s had more of a report than the 158s.

I can actually fire the 745 faster than the 642 because the 642 has such a stout recoil. My hands are getting used to it though and I had no pain and very little redness in the web of my hand this time.

The 745 is extremely accurate but I've found myself getting a massive downward flinch during slow-fire with these DAOs which I really need to control. But then again I'm reasonably accurate with them too and can do about 8" one handed at 20 yds with the occasional flier; can put everything in a head-size area doing two hand moderate pace fire at 10 yds; and can put everything in a torso sized area at just under 10 yds doing two hand rapid fire.

Oddly enough when I used a bench rest to fire the 745 I was way off.

I tried a couple of magazines of my new Winchester Ranger Talon RA45T and they shot like a champ. No feeding problems and punched nice crisp holes through the paper. Wish I could afford to shoot 'em all the time. The other 100 rounds were standard WWB.

All in all a good day, now I just have to clean these beasties.