View Full Version : SAKO 85 Has anyone seen this rifle yet?

May 2, 2006, 09:38 PM
Has anyone seen a Sako 85 in 338 Federal yet? I was checking out Beretta's product catalog on line and found the Sako 85 chambered in 338 Federal listed from $1495 to $1595. I haven't found one yet locally. I was disappointed to find that the first rifle in this cartridge was being offered in this price range.

I think the cartridge might be more of a commercial success than the .338-06 A-square offered by Weatherby was. I think the reason that the Weatherby failed was due to price of ammo and rifles. I mean if you are going to pay $40 to $60 for 20 rounds of ammo you might as well have a true Weatherby cartridge plus the rifle was the same price as one offered in the Weatherby cartridges. I haven't seen any ammo yet but with Federal producing the round I don't think you will have to spend more than $30 for 20 rounds.

Don't get me wrong I think Sako produces great rifles, but look at what Winchester did with the short mags. You could go down to Wally World and pick up a Model 70 Synthetic for around $400 when you could find one. I just don't see why Federal didn't get Savage or Remington to offer this cartridge also.

I can't wait to hear something from the TFL member who gets one of these rifles. Federal shows some promising numbers on performance in the 180 to 210 grain bullet choices. Plus they are using premium bullets from Nosler and Barnes.