View Full Version : Which bullet and what are the results?

Big Yac
April 29, 2006, 03:09 PM
I know this is way too early for deer hunting or anything since deer season isnt until December but I got some new bullets and several questions have entered my mind. I started using a 454 Casull for deer hunting. Last year I used some 300gr XTP MAGs that I loaded up. I figured the hollow point would be best for deer. However I recently bought some Cast Performance 360 and 395gr lead bullets. Now I'm wondering, if I were to hit the deer in the exact same spot with each bullet, which bullet would cause the most damage and what sort of damage? Ofcourse I dont want to ruin meat. I'm sure the hollow point XTP would expand and cause some pretty good damage if I were to hit the shoulder blade or get into the vitals. What would the cast lead bullets(360gr at 1400-1500fps or 395gr bullets at 1100 - 1300fps) do to the shoulder blade or the vitals, would they more or less poke a big hole rather than shattering? I know 360gr and 395 gr is way overkill for whitetail deer, its just a question I have been wondering about.

April 29, 2006, 03:13 PM
Hard cast bullets tend to cause massive amounts of penetration, they would definitely go through a shoulder blade like it wasnt even there. The hollow points out of a .454 Casull would most likely go through the shoulder also, but I would stick with the cast as they won't tear it up too bad.