View Full Version : Shooting Match this Thursday. Bullet Hole Shooting Range 4/27

Gun Rabbi
April 25, 2006, 10:39 PM
Thursday night shooting match at The Bullet Hole Shooting Range, this week Hogan's Alley April 27th

Need some trigger time? Need some competition? It is match time again. Come out to the Bullet Hole at @6 PM for the Thursday night shoot. This week is the Hogan's Alley steel shoot. Any Pistol any Sights on your gun(no .22s) As always it is a blast. First timers, long timers, whoever, bring a friend. Hogan's Alley Steel shoots at the Bullethole are a blast!

Hogan's Alley steel shoots are very popular and a fun shoot with a lot of feed back.

If you are in or around San Antonio Texas, Come out and shoot at the Bullet Hole Shooting Range !