View Full Version : looking for shotgun DVD

April 24, 2006, 05:03 PM
I'm new to shotguns and am looking for an instructional DVD. Before anyone warns me against learning from DVDs... don't bother. I understand the limitations of learning anything from a TV screen and I plan on putting in PLENTY of trigger time and getting formal instruction. But I do enjoy watching instructionals in conjunction with my training if only for different perspective or the occasional new tip. With that out of the way...

Like I said I am new to shotguns but NOT new to guns. I'd like something that covers fundamentals of shotgun shooting and the more defensive (dare I say tactical) aspects of the shotgun. I am not interested in hunting or sporting games right now but I will likely get into practical shooting competition later.

Some that I'm aware of and considering are Matt Burkett's "Shotgun Mastery", Louis Awerbuck's "Combat Shotgun", Lenny Magill's "Mastering the Combat Shotgun", John Shaw's "Combat Shotgun Seminar" and Gunsite's "Tactical Shotgun 1." Anyone seen any of these or have other recommendations?

Thanks in advance.