View Full Version : The best way to setup sand bags?+maybe a trick 2 try

April 18, 2006, 12:44 AM
I have been enjoying my sandbags setup prone on the ground.I have used a heavy dense blanket until recently.I was at wal-mart and I was looking at the rugs because I felt I could get some better consistency and stability out of my sandbags if they were supported well.I bought this thin hard rubber mat bottom with a thin hard rug top.I setup with my homemade oak cradle with spikes for my front bag and just set the rear bag on the rug.WOW! what a difference ,my bags sit absolutely still and my gun slides nicely back when firing and follow up shots are easy with the steady sandbags.I couldn't believe what that $8 rug/mat did.I don't know if there is something even better that is cheap or not but when I reset it is right there and steady as hell with my burris set on 32 [email protected] anybody has any other/better tricks I would appreciate it..before with the rug I was getting 1/2groups and better sometimes.one spread was well under 1/4 inch (center 2 center)then I put the 5th shot the worst spread at 1/2":(.I was using an ar15 with dpms 1/8twist bull upper,,lc brass,77-80gr SMK behind 22.2gr h4895 and bullets seated to touch the rifling.Im getting :D thinkin about what is possible now. I was thinking this was the benchrest forum.oops, Im not in competition but I would love any advice or ideas,thanks