View Full Version : Pro-Tech Engineering nice refinishing work

April 15, 2006, 07:37 PM
I bought a rather worn looking Garand as a shooter at a gunshow last winter. When I opened it up, I discovered a spot weld from the barrel to the receiver hidden under the op rod. That kills any resale value and I thought I had been S____d big time by an individual seller. I had paid for an intact gun. So I contacted Jim at Pro-Tech Engineering in Saybrook, Ill. as I had sent Garands to him years ago. He said he could fix that. He was able to remove the weld, restore it to original, and put a super parkerised finish on the rifle. He also was able to take an oversanded buttstock and a pretty decent handguard, and make them look beautiful. Now it is a different gun. Proud to show it off and has alot of added value, and restored value. He does work on Garands, Carbines, and modern mil. rifles. Can take that mixmaster beatup GI carbine and make it look super. And I find his rates very reasonable too. Glad to do business with him again. Recommended to TFL readers. www.protech-engineering.com Note: the gun looks lighter than it is due to the flash. It is a standard Manganese med. gray color.