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April 12, 2006, 12:28 PM
I am interested in participating at a local gun club in the CMP comp shoots they have. You need an NRA match rifle. Does anyone have any opinions on the most affordable rifle to get? Also I'm not 100% sure which rifles fall into this catagory are they only US rifles or can you use an ak style, any others? Thanks! :)

Ken O
April 12, 2006, 09:03 PM
You have something confused. You can NOT shoot a NRA match rifle in a CMP competition.
CMP is Service Rifle only which means M1, M16A2 (or AR15), M14 (or M1A).
In NRA competitions you can shoot any rifle, but they usually divide the results in Service Rifle and Match Rifle. NRA refers to Service Rifle types being what the CMP allows, the rifles as I stated above.
There are many NRA competitions, and few CMP or Leg matches. The CMP also has the matches classified as "games", these are the M1 Garand matches and Springfield matches. Here is a link to this years CMP matches and games:
CMP (http://www.civilianmarksmanshipprogram.com/NM/Rifle.htm)

April 12, 2006, 09:51 PM
I think you're looking for a CMP Service Rifle (no optics right?)

The absolute best buy for that is a bone stock Stag lower (exact same as RRA) for $200 and then mate it to a White Oak Armament upper for $695.

Total about $900 for a KICKIN' rifle with no compromises. (OK, you'll need a trigger)

For that you get a 1:7 match barrel for heavy bullets, hooded sights, a CMP legal free float tube, choice of front sight width, Wylde chamber and 1/2 MOA or 1/4 MOA rear sight. It will shoot .5 MOA or better with handloads.

April 13, 2006, 11:10 AM
Any of the CMP/DCM models made by the various AR manufacturers would suit the bill just fine. Call the club--most have M1's and/or AR's that they can loan out. I'd recommend shooting ASAP and not buying gear/rifles first--it's easier to know what you'll need and want after you've got a couple matches under your belt. I know at my club, all you need is about $30 to cover the fee and ammo (bring a sweatshirt regardless of the weather).

Most matches are run under NRA rules which allow for Service Rifle (must have the same exterior profile as a GI rifle) and Match Rifle (any centerfire with iron sights that's not a Service Rifle). Even if the club is "a CMP club", they generally use the NRA rules or a relaxed version. The fact that the club is affiliated with the CMP is nice--when you get a membership, you fulfill one of the requirements needed to buy rifles and stuff from the CMP.

The NRA and the CMP definition of "Service Rifle" is pretty much the exact same (infact NRA rule 3.1.3 says if the CMP calls it a Service Rifle, then it's good to go). The majority of guys shoot Service Rifles. The match rifle route is pretty much wide open--Winchesters, Remingtons, Tikka, tricked out AR's (spaceguns), etc.

The rules (section 3 covers the various rifles)

The only time the CMP rulebook comes into play is at sanctioned JCG matches and CMP Excellence-in-Competition "Leg" matches (a 50 shot course, no sighters, usually held at the larger championship events). Your typical state championship would be an 88rd championship match fired on Saturday under NRA rules with Service Rifle and Match Rifle categories and then on Sunday the Service Rifle guys shoot the CMP Leg match.

April 13, 2006, 11:17 AM
Hey thanks for all the info! I think I am interested in the service rifle category. I was looking at a bushmaster ar15 a2 20" barrel w/carry handle It is around $800. Is this a decent gun and does it fit the service rifle regs? from what I read it does I would just like the comp shooters opinion. Thanks again I appreciate your help and input. Keep it coming.:)

April 13, 2006, 11:28 AM
The Bushy A2 would be service rifle legal (the basic rule of thumb with a handful of minor exceptions is that the exterior profile must be USGI--you can paint it pink though and do whatever you want to the inside). If you've got the money, I would definitely get a match trigger and a float tube. Twist should be at least 1:8" if not 1:7, otherwise it won't spin the bullets you'll need if and when you get to shoot at 600yds. With those options, you should have a rifle that is capable of winning any match in the country and is basically what everyone shoots. I would go with 1/4MoA sights if that's an option. Most guys go with one of the two stage match triggers.

The flattop models that are CMP legal (A4?) sometimes run out of elevation adjustment at 600yds, so we don't see many of those.

You'll need 2 magazines minimum and an open bolt indicator (chamber flag). Get a good sling--Turner or Les Tam

Other stuff you can buy later on (I'd wait on this till you get a better idea of what you need):
Spotting scope

www.highpowerlinks.com has a pretty comprehensive set of links and such.

April 13, 2006, 11:46 AM
For the extra $100, get the White Oak over the Bushy. You're getting a lot more gun and options. That gun will take you as far as you would want to go. It is made exactly for what you're asking about.

The standard A2 Bushy likely has a chrome lined barrel (not the best in accuracy) and doesn't have enough twist to run the really heavy bullets out to 600 yards as was mentioned. It also won't be free floated and that will eat up another $100 right there. It won't have 1/4 MOA clicks on the rear sight. It won't have a small front sight or hoods for the rear.

Don't pay more for less.

Tim R
April 13, 2006, 07:30 PM
Washington State is active in High Power. Check out www.wsrpa.org for match info. It matters not which side of the state you live on there is something near by almost every weekend during the season.

You have recieved a lot of good advice. White Oak makes very good uppers, I know as I shoot a White Oak Precision. The RRA NM (DCM) rifle is about as good as it gets for a factory rifle and comes with RRA's good 2 stage trigger. These also have Wilson barrels and can be had with a 7 to 1 twist which I recommend. My Son-in-law just picked up a RRA NM for $1100.00 and it is match ready with the float tube, 1/4 click (MOA) sights and they are tight. (no wiggle on the rear) 2 shooting buddies shoot the RRA NM and both made Master in 2 years starting from nothing.

I also have a couple of other buddies who thought they ran into a good AR deal and ended up spending more $ than I did getting my White Oak Precision and RRA NM lower set up. The WOP upper I have runs at about $850.00 and mated to a RRA NM lower which ran me $280.00 just last year. WOP and WOA are the same company, it just depends on which guy is doing the work. They also work closely with Compass Lake which is another top shelf AR builder of fine rifles/uppers. I like the WOP a little better for some reason. The other nice thing about WOP is you can send the RRA 2 stage trigger to John for $35.00 and he will tune it making it the best "cheap AR" trigger out there.

High Power shooters are a good crowd. Most of the time if you are lacking some gear item, someone will lend it to you until you can get your own. The bad news is don't skip on the spotting scope if you can help it.

Ammo, I reload and I shoot 77 gr SMK's at 2 and 300 and then 80 gr. SMK's at 600. Black Hills has some good reloaded match ammo at a good price over all if you are not reloading yet.

Another good site to check out is www.highpowerforum.com It's a new site, slow with posting but a ton of good info.

April 13, 2006, 08:21 PM
I shot my first year of service rifle at Kimberton Pa. with a borrowed M-1...Thanks Gene! Ammo was $3 for seventy some rounds of Lake City surplus. Great way to get started and then decide what to get. Nothing like hot empty 30-06 cases landing on other competitors backs wearing T-shirts!:D

April 14, 2006, 02:25 PM
I have two ranges nearby I am going to call and see if they have club rifles so I can try those first before buying.