View Full Version : sure cycle system

April 11, 2006, 01:21 PM
Just wondering if anyone has replaced their recoil spring with the stainless steal sure cycle recoil system. I just recently started to have some cycling problems 1 1/8 oz and even some 1 1/4 oz pheasant loads in my Browning Gold. The gun is clean as I have had it for five years and had no problems with it with my cleaning style. Everything except the recoil spring has been cleaned. I will take it to a gunsmith to take a look at the spring to see if that is the problem, only thing left. I know I can replace it with a regular recoil spring for alot less but since I have possibly worn it out in five years was thinking I could just fix the problem once and not have to worry about it five years down the road again. I have put several thousand rounds through it with lots of clays practice and lots of 3 and 3.5 in. goose and turkey loads. The gun worked perfect on a recent duck and goose hunt last fall but this winter on a pheasant hunt the gun jammed twice and then again several times while shooting skeet with the same old shell I always used. One other thing only jams when there are two or more shells in gun. Like the chamber is not closing fast enough. With one shell in the chamber it always kicks it out. Any comments on the sure cycle system.