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April 8, 2006, 10:20 PM
Hi all. im after some advice on some guns.
i shoot issf matches, and most people shoot 22lr pistols, but we can also shoot 38 revolvers for the matches.
Iam about to get my gun licence (australian strict laws) and i want to purchace a 9mm beretta 92fs. But ive never seen anyone use one of these for any of the matches, and i am trying to figure out why.
Is it because they are not as accurate as a 22 or a revolver?

i still want accuracy but im not that keen on 22 calibre pistols, and i love the look of semi auto centerfires.

the type of match i shoot is centerfire/sport

April 9, 2006, 05:42 PM
Did you ever check out Potter's firearms? I think there web-site is www.potfire.com/au Their inventory changes alot, so you gota check it often. The Beretta can be used, but just won't cut it for decent scores. A S&W model 14 K-38 will do fine for a revolver. If you go auto loader now you talking S&W model 52, Walther gsp, Pardini hp, Unique des32 and so on. The revolver is very competive in centerfire and should'nt hold you back. The Beretta (stock) would hold you back and would cost a lot of money to be made competitive. Still theres nothing wrong with buying the Beretta and just having fun at the match!:D

April 10, 2006, 04:25 AM
Ignatz: yeah i check that site every week, its quite interesting, they accually had a Beretta 92fs inox, but it sold really quick.
im not the best shooter in the world, but i want to get better.

most of them other centerfire pistols that you mentioned are good for accuracy i guess but they look really bad.

i dont mind spending a bit of money making the beretta better over a period of time.

April 11, 2006, 06:09 PM
I have a 96 beretta (.40 S&W version of the 92) and it cost a lot to modify it to be as accurate as my brothers glock 22 compensated. I shot the M9 (military equivalent of the 92) while in the desert as my backup weapon. They put up well in the desert climate (get it teflon coated), but don't have much stopping power. Fun to shoot easy to disassemble, but not that accurate compared to other pistols in the same price range.