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April 1, 2006, 03:41 PM
Alright. I've made up my mind about getting into IDPA, but I have to decide which pistol to use as my primary. I have a Taurus PT145, a Kimber Pro BP Ten II (hi-cap) and a Kimber Eclipse Pro Target II. I am leaning toward either the Pro BP Ten II or the Eclipse. I haven't geared up yet, so that's why I ask now, because I'll need some extra mags, and a mag holster.

Any input appreciated.

April 1, 2006, 08:36 PM
OKay. I decided to look in the rule book. (Shoulda done that first). Looks like I can compete with the Kimber Ten II in ESP and CDP.

April 1, 2006, 09:03 PM
be sure & look at the APPROVED holsters. Your going to need a holster and 2 magazine carriers on your belt. You need 3 100% working magazines, and a junker "Barney" mag to top off your gun before the stage. Every IDPA shoot I have been to has to be shot from concealment. I good CC vest is perfect for that. I have found some nice vests for $39.95 on the web. Most people use a Fobus holster, or some other brand of Kydex holster, and mag carrier. They weigh only 4 oz, and are very easy to draw. That being said I hate them for every day carry. Those things will strip bluing in a hurry. Around here IDPA means waiting an hour to shoot 10 rounds. IDPA is based on possible events you might face in real life. If you want to blaze away, buy a dozen mags & shoot IPSC. They shoot quite a few more rounds on their stages. You will have to shoot an IDPA qualifier stage. They will rate you after that. Just like a golf handicap, so you can shoot with similar skilled shooters.

Have fun. Be prepared to have SAFETY POUNDED INTO YOUR SKULL! If you have problems, or are just nervous, tell your Range Officer. People wil go out of their way to help you out. I always carry my gunsmithing box and extra mags & ammo. It has saved my day and many others. It's a nice way to meet people & make friends if your willing to loan them parts to get them through the day.

Enjoy. I wish I was going.

April 3, 2006, 12:29 PM
The approved holster list has been gone for over a year. There are now criteria for judging a holster's legality, so some holsters that were legal are now not, and plenty that weren't legal, now are. All IWB holsters are legal. All "pancake" holsters (with integral belt SLOTS front and rear) are legal. Paddle holsters and holsters with belt loops or tunnels are where it gets dicey. As long as there are no gaps, you should be OK.
Either Kimber can be shot in ESP or CDP, but the hi-cap is better suited to ESP, due to the allowed mag capacity. I'd recommend shooting the gun you shoot best, and doing so in CDP division.
If you are looking for competition-only gear, then my recommendation would be different than for dual-duty gear for both carry and comp. For the former, I'd get a holster that holds the gun vertically, and on the outside of the belt, worn as far forward as the rules allow. For dual-purpose, I'd recommend something that holds the gun with some cant, so it tucks into the body - slows the draw, but helps concealment.