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March 29, 2006, 11:07 PM
Maybe I'm just grasping here, but wouldn't you be able get the shorter barrel of the 17 on target faster (albiet slightly less accurately) than the 34? Or am I just dead wrong? I shoot IDPA.

March 30, 2006, 06:48 AM
Theoretically, yes. The 34 is only slightly longer, has a 3.5 trigger stock, extended slide release, and larger mag release. All good things to have in IDPA or IPSC. If you want a good all around Glock and shoot some IDPA, the 17 works well, as does the 19. I have a 34 and carry a Kahr PM9 as my CCW.

March 31, 2006, 05:30 PM
Maybe I'm just grasping here, but wouldn't you be able get the shorter barrel of the 17 on target faster (albiet slightly less accurately) than the 34? Or am I just dead wrong? I shoot IDPA.

While I am not familiar with the Glock specs on those models, and I've not yet shot IDPA _grin_, generally you would prefer to have the longest sight radius.In that - while you might be able to align slightly quicker, the tradeoff in accuracy is undesireable.

Think about how minute the difference is in the sight picture, compared to how much you shift the impact at longer distances, say 25/50 yards. The edge gained in accuracy from a longer radius beats the short radius hands down. This is pure geometry here _big grin_

In terms of picking up a sight picture quickly, that can often be different for different people.

I have always been able to pick up Bomars more readily than other - better looking sights - I know there's nothing fancy about the big blade in back and post front - I've tried and tried others, but just never do as well - rounded the edges on a rear blade one time - mistake - cost me some bucks to go back _grin_ Other shooters will be quicker with other sights and frown if they shoot my gun with the Bomars.

One thing that some shooters do - is narrow the profile of the front sight, so that it is a narrower blade - they say they get more light, and it is easier to see. Works for them - doesn't work for me _grin_

I wound up having another front Bomar blade staked in _big grin_

Bottom line - always go for the longer sight radius if all other things are equal - you'll be glad you did

March 31, 2006, 06:26 PM
While 38 super has a valid point and it works for him I prefer the opposite in guns. I like very light handguns and do not find an extra inch or so of sight radius in the 34 making a difference for me in scores. I prefer the 17 to the 34 by a lot, it feels better, transitions faster* and doesn't cost me any points doing it. The 17 feels a little sharper in recoil, and a little faster in recoil. This gives me the feeling I prefer in a competition handgun.

I know I am in the minority on this though, most of the competitors that I have talked to that have shot both in competition like the 34 better. It feels a little softer and a little more stable, that is what most have cited as the reason they prefer it over the 17.

Feel is so subjective you will look long and hard to find two people that agree completely on anything 'feel' related. You really should shoot both and buy the one you like better.

* It may not actually transition faster for me, I haven't run timed drills to find out. It may just be that I transition the gun easier or a little more precisely. Whatever the actual reason is makes the 17 feel better to me when transitioning between targets.

March 31, 2006, 10:43 PM
Well, rereading what the thread originator asked, I can see why HSMITH posted what he did.

The original poster _is_ essentially asking about indexing targets with a shorter barrel lenght - and I went off on a tangent about sight radius _grin_
Something I do believe to be important _bigger grin_

As to barrel length, as indicated by HSMITH, that's going to depend somewhat on individual preference, feel and to some extent how many long shots there are going to be in the matches.

And also, excellent input again there to shoot them both and see what feels best to you - shoot'em as much as you can, and see how you score.

See if you can get a couple of shooters that owns those models for an extended practice session.

FWIW, I have 1/4 cut off the barrel and slide of my "open" IPSC guns, because that feels right to me in the compensated guns, although most people want the full slide

In my limited guns, I could never score as well with my Lightweight commander as I could with my full slide, full weight 45 ACP guns -

However, my shooting buddy loved his commander _grin_

Different strokes for different folks _really big grin_

I may have to try those plastic guns again _bgi grin_

April 1, 2006, 10:55 AM
Weight - G17 unloaded 22.04 ounces
G34 unloaded 22.92 ounces

I have both - I notice the length on the G34, but I assure you if you put them both in my hand with my eyes closed I can't tell the 17 from the 34. Less than an ounce difference between them. Recoil is minimal on both. I "feel" like the 17 cycles a bit faster, but I have no way of quantifying that observation. They've both got 3.5 lb connectors in them.
I get on target quicker with the 34, the additional mass allows me to get sight acquisition a little quicker. It might have less muzzle rise, I don't know.
They're both great guns that work right everytime I use one - and I really like that.

April 1, 2006, 07:47 PM
I ordered a 17 today. I figure for now i'm splitting the difference between the 19 and the 34. I don't think I'll be dissapointed.

April 1, 2006, 08:19 PM
the G17 and 34 are both nice guns..the 34 has been lightened to the approximate weight of the G17..but offers a longer sight radius...

In IPSC competition there is some discussion on long vs short, heavy vs light.

The debate seems to be how the gun handles vs target transition time...and seriously..only near the top of the classification should this even really matter..

more importantly is a gun that runs reliably and accurately..that will do more to improve your scores..than a short or long gun...once you have shot competively long enough will you begin to notice the differences and your preferences for what characteristics..

G17...good buy..enjoy...