View Full Version : Need Info About A Model 4 Remington Rolling Block Rifle

March 24, 2006, 01:11 PM
I have a Model 4 Remington Rolling Block Rifle. I do know some info about it, but I do not know what it's value is....

This is what I do know....I do know that it is a Single Shot, 32 cal. It was the 42,421st produced out of approximately 356,000 that were made between the years 1890 and 1933. It's model was designed by F.A. Houghton, J.O. Simpson, and O.H. Loomis. It has been kept in my family and is in really good condition, although I do not know if it still fires or not.

I am wanting to know if anyone can give me the value and the year that this gun was made. Any more info would be of help also. I will post pictures ASAP. Any help would be appreciated very much. Thank you in advance.

James K
March 26, 2006, 12:08 AM
You probably know about all there is. I can't help with the date of manufacture, but there is collector interest in those guns, mainly from nostalgia. Ones in top condition (NIB or LNIB) can bring up to $1000, but there are darned few like that and an average one will run closer to $200. Dogs can be had for under $100.

Most were boys rifles and were "rode hard and put away wet", to the detriment of both interior and exterior condition. Like most similar rifles of the time, the barrels usually bear a close resemblance to sewer pipes. If in .22 and in decent condition, they make good little plinkers; as you know, .32 RF ammo is almost unobtainable, and .25 RF is in the high cost collector category.