View Full Version : Savage/Stevens/Springfield Model 85

March 23, 2006, 03:30 PM
Saw some older posts regarding the Savage/Stevens/Springfield Model 87
in .22, I have a Model 85-the clip loading version. Mine is an oldie but a goodie-has a single patent number, 2094577, marked ".22 Greaseless Smokeless" on the left hand side (No photos-beyond my computer skills at present). Mine came with a Weaver 2.5x scope, swivels and sling, and a Red Duck brand recoil pad. No serial number, looks either pre-war or late 1940s.
Had a hard time fiding magazines for it, it was sold to me as a Marlin Model
A, hence I kept looking for Marlin magazines. Finally identified it with the help
of the GPC catalog. Also have a Marlin Model A, bought that a few years later
to take the magazines I already had.