View Full Version : Po' man wild turkey recipe

March 22, 2006, 10:45 PM
Just have to share this ad-lib dish I got lucky with, since it turned out so good this week:

Wild Turkey Stir-Fry

Just buy a 'chicken helper' type boxed meal (I think it was Betty Crocker), labeled chicken stir fry with rice. Using 1 lb or so of turkey breast, cubed (about 1.5" cubes), follow the directions on the box with respect to lightly sauteeing in oil, then simmering for 25 minutes, but before sauteeing, also add about 1/2 of a medium or large onion (chopped), 1 red bell pepper (chopped), and quite few broccoli florets. After cooking, scramble about 6 eggs, and mix in (the box called for only 2 eggs). Then add a copious amount of chopped cilantro (cilantro ain't just for mexican dishes - it goes great in most asian dishes), and soy sauce to taste - outstanding!