View Full Version : What's happening with Fabarm?

David Berkowitz
March 22, 2006, 12:57 AM
A local gun shop is promoting the Fabarm Gamma 2 Competion.
I know Fabarm used to be imported by H&K and getting service was a major problem.
This one is imported by Sig, but I can't find anything on it. When I go to the Sig website, all I can find is the F3. I can't even find the Aurora.
My assumption, and I could be very wrong, is that Sig imported them after H&K but then dropped the line. If that is the case, who would do any warranty work and support?
Is there something wrong with Fabarm that would cause them to go through distributors?
I know they are, or used to be, a very fine shotgun.
While the price is very good, I don't want to wind up with a red herring.