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March 20, 2006, 02:09 AM
I broke the bead sight on the original barrel of my mossberg 500. I managed to get the broken piece out but I scratched the barrel and stripped the threads in the bead sight hole in the process. I went to the local gunshop and picked up a new (20 inch cylinder) slug barrel w/rifle sights and set the scratched one aside. It was quite a chore removing the broken bead sight but it got me thinking hard about the mnx costs (learning and otherwise) associated with gun owership. It's no doubt in my mind that my lack of experience in gun repair and my failure to utilize the proper tools were the main reasons for me messing up my original barrel. To remedy this deficiency in my knowledge base I'm gonna start by repairing my original barrel by removing the scratches and re-threading the bead sight hole. Unfortunately when it comes to the proper tools for small scale gun repair and maintenance, I have no idea where to start. From my model plane days, I've an assortment of tools that to me, appear to be capable of fulfilling most of my amatuer gunsmithing needs. I've also accumulated several extra parts for my mossberg on ebay Here's my list of supplies, parts and tools.

Cleaning / rust protection:
(1) hoppes boresnake
(1) bottle hoppes no. 9 nitro powder solvent
(1) bottle hoppes lubricating oil
(1) hoppes silicon impregnated polishing cloth
(1) universal gun cleaning kit w/rods and patches (for the brushes)

Scratch and rust removal:
(I'm needing much help and advice here)

Spare gun parts:
gun manual w/detailed instructions, part numbers, diagrams
spare moss 500 trigger group (ebay)
spare moss 500 mag tube (ebay)
spare barrel (orginal cylinder barrel w/scratches)
bead sight kit
hardware set w/various screws nuts bolts

General mnx and repair tools:
(1) black&decker project center w/clamps
(1) black&decker rotary tool (w/accessory kit, bits, drill press, project stand)
(1) black&decker 12volt drill
(1) universal collet
(4) padded bench vice
(1) set of precision screwdrivers
(1) needle nosed pliers
(1) needle nosed vice grips
(1) 4 pairs of padded c-clamps
(1) 100 piece metal cutting drill bit set
(1) 50 piece hex key set
(1) roll electrical tape
(1) metal file
(1) brass hole punch set
(1) brass hobbiest hammer
(1) ballend wrench set (for SpecOps)
(1) padded vice grips (barrel wrench substitute)
assortment of cloths, pads and cushions for padding, spills and protection

Can I use this stuff? If so, am I missing anything vital? What about extra gun parts? Any advice or input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


March 20, 2006, 03:40 PM
In order:
Cleaning gear, sounds good and is about as good as any.
Make sure to buy extra brushes, since these do wear out fast.
When cleaning, make sure to thoroughly scrub out the chamber too. Chambers are prone to build up of plastic, and need to be scrubbed out.
Many shotgunners buy a special chamber cleaning brush and handle.

There is no scratch "removal".
What you can do is buy some cold blue or a cold blue pen and color the scratches to make them less noticeable.

Unless you fail to take care of the gun, there will BE no rust.
For rust removal, bore solvent and a brass "toothbrush" will remove any rust without degrading or damaging the finish.

On spare guns parts, I doubt you'd ever need a spare trigger group or magazine tube.
The most needed spare part is a replacement for the plastic safety. These are prone to breakage.
You can buy new metal replacements from Brownell's, and one made for the 590A1 direct from Mossberg.

Your tool kit is much better than most gun owners have.

I'd recommend spending your money on shells and you time on shooting them up.
If you start having problems with broken or worn parts, I'd look at upgrading to a better gun like the Mossberg 590A1 or a Remington 870.