View Full Version : Bill Jeans Handgun Training; North Idaho June 2006

March 20, 2006, 12:47 AM
Bill Jeans will be teaching two handgun courses near Lewiston, Idaho in June 2006. Please contact me for further information: england at lewiston.com

June 24-25 (Weekend):
Bill Jeans (www.morrigan-consulting.com) will be teaching a basic defensive handgun course. This course will supplement the handgun concealed carry licensee or concerned citizen's training with defensive gunfighting skills based on the Modern Technique of the Pistol. It is an introductory level course directed toward shooters with little or no formal defensive handgun training. Course material includes practical marksmanship, ballistics, a proven gun handling methodology, continuity of fire, malfunction clearance, mental conditioning for combat, use of cover and concealment, low light shooting and more. This class meets the Idaho and Washington State Concealed Weapons Permit training requirement. Course fee is $300.

June 26-28: (Mon-Wed)
Bill Jeans will be teaching his intermediate handgun course.This intense course will supplement the student’s existing concealed carry training with advanced gunfighting skills for those who carry or are preparing to carry for self-defense. Course material includes issues of defensive pistol carry, gun-handling, continuity of fire, malfunction clearance, shooting with movement, mental conditioning for combat, use of cover, wounded drills, one hand manipulation, weapon retention and more. This is NOT a basic course, and is somewhat physically challenging. It is NOT competition oriented. Attendance is dependent on prior completion of an acceptable defensive pistol course from a competent training provider. Course fee is $450.

Bill Jeans is a Marine Corps Vietnam veteran, long-term law-enforcement officer, and SWAT operator. He has been a firearms instructor since 1980 and is a former Rangemaster at Gunsite, besides teaching at Thunder Ranch.