View Full Version : got a questions about 1911's

March 8, 2006, 12:42 AM
i like to ask questions and do my homework on things i am going to buy. i research 6 months in advance.

out local ranges shoots uspa(something)

a lot of people use 1911's.

is it possible to use a SA champion on those matches us just go with a SA mil-spec?

i will be buying one in about 6 months but i just want to know what would be best.

i might want to carry it later that is why i will just it for those matches so i can get very fumillar(spelling) with the gun.

March 8, 2006, 02:54 AM
You can use whatever you want. The only thing in USPSA where you'd really need a specific gun is revolver, as nearly everyone uses one that has moon clips. I did my first competition with my buddy's stock Glock 19, and now I use a stock Glock 35. You'll be in the Limited 10 division if you're using a 1911, and virtually everyone in that class shoots 1911s. I don't think that you're at any disadvantage using a Champion. Also, check out idpa.com for a more "practical" type of competition. It's a little less intimidating than USPSA because you can't use a $3000 "race gun".

March 8, 2006, 03:47 PM
The Champion is legal for USPSA Limited 10, but it's probably better suited to the new Single Stack division. In L10, you'll see a lot of tricked-out guns built especially for competition, and while you will see some of that in Single Stack as well, I think the playing field will be more level. If you are shopping for a 1911 just for competition, the Springfield "loaded" models are ready to go, out of the box. They have most of the must-have features, and plenty of nice-to-have stuff, too. The Mil-Specs are good guns, but for competition, most people want the upgrades of the Loaded. The Champion is a probably a better carry gun, and can certainly do double-duty for competition.