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March 5, 2006, 11:41 AM
I'd also like to thank for everyone's help/suggestions getting me started. Now I need to find some car poolers because the match location is 1hr away from my house, a little too far to go every couple of weeks.

Well, I went and shoot my first IPSC match yesterday. I think I did ok until my 4 procedure errors. Now, I'm almost certain I'll come in last place.

One thing I noticed and thought was interesting: There were quite a few equipment related failures (usually feeding problems) with open class guns. It seems like the improvement in speed from optical sights, compensation, and mag capacity get wiped out with a couple of these problems.

There were a lot more people shooting than at steel match. I also saw some folks from my last week's steel match. Friendly bunch of people with guns.

I was shooting my Sig Pro 2009 (BTW, this gun may soon be sold, which I'll certainly miss) in production division w/ 10 rnds per mag. I had (as expected) no equipment problems; just shooter issues. But I'm hoping to smooth out the shooter issues in the next couple of months :)

I must read the instructions for each stage more carefully. I picked up 4 procedure errors on by firing 4 shoots outside of a box. The instructions said all 4 shoots must be fired from within the shooting bos before moving out of the box. Bummer! But, that thought me to read and re-read each stage's instructions.

IPSC is a lot of fun, and I'm glad to have done a steel match before it. For anyone w/ similar background to me, I'd suggest a steel match before IPSC. Because I've pretty much shot only in your typical indoor ranges previously, the following were new:
- drawing from holster
- shooting multiple targets spaced wider apart than what's available on a 16 inch paper
- learning range commands
- getting a sun burn while shooting
- moving and shooting
- worrying about muzzle direction (there's no lane partitions)

Having had a run on steel match definitely prepared me for the IPSC. At least I got sun block and a hat this time! Next time, I'll also bring a chair.

I was planning to go to an IDPA match today, but yesterday's match took too long... and there are other things I need to attend to. So IDPA will have to wait.

Jim Watson
March 5, 2006, 12:59 PM
the match location is 1hr away from my house, a little too far to go every couple of weeks.

Wow, I wish I could shoot every couple of weeks within an hour's drive.
First Sat. - 90 miles,
second Sat. - 130 miles,
third Sat. - 6 miles, but I am the MD and have to do most of the setup,
fourth Sat. - 75 miles.
Oh, yeah, first and third Tuesday night, 68 miles.
And that is just the IDPA. If I want to shoot CAS on first Sun. it is 95 miles if I don't want to overnight nearby after the first Sat. IDPA. And let's don't even talk about the rifle events my Long Range shooting pal has gotten me into.

March 5, 2006, 02:06 PM
Great...glad to hear you had a good time..it only gets addicting from now on...
we have a lot of clubs in my area..and I'd be out there every weekend..if only my wife would let me..LOL:D

interesting that you noticed that about open guns..they take a little more care..since they are built to tighter tolerances than most guns..reloads must be done with care..as do things like magazines tuned to the gun, etc..when a shooter gets the right combination..watch out..they are fun to watch..

I shoot production now..and enjoy the ease of it...I can reload a variety of diffenent powder/bullet combos..go to my local sporting good store and pick up ammo if I don't have time to load..guns are cheap, no worries about modifying it, mags work like a charm..etc..

just love the games of IPSC/IPDA..

March 5, 2006, 04:37 PM
and I wasn't last or close to to it.

It was a lot of fun. Although IMHO there were too many people per squad, in my squad we had ~10 people. After helping w/ cleanup and a bit of after match chatting, I didn't get home until 4PM (I left home at 8:30AM).

I guess compared w/ Jim, the 1hr driving isn't that bad. Definitely will shoot IPSC again.

So right now, I'm thinking I'll plan on doing 1 match per month and pick among steel, IPSC, or IDPA.

March 5, 2006, 05:50 PM
great finish...

most of the clubs in our section..we average about 12-16 shooters per squad..sometimes more on the heavy turnout days..

but it moves along pretty well if everyone helps out and works..the slower squads I have been on are where people tend to shoot and sit down..not help out with the taping, brassing, steel setting or the scoring and ROing..

if everyone helps out..the squad move pretty darn quickly..

March 5, 2006, 10:42 PM
I am a lucky guy. We have 4 matches (IPSC) per month inside of an hour and a half driving distance. Two are one half hour, one is one hour, and the fourth is an hour and a half.

Keep on it j, I started near the bottom of the pack and less than a year later I am in the top several shooters most every match in my division. If you start in the middle of the pack right out of the gates it seems that you can make great strides quickly.

Pick up Brian Enos book, 'Practical shooting, beyond fundamentals' and Steve Anderson book 'Refinement and Repetition'. With those two books and a timer you can make incredible progress in your skills.

See you at the '07 Nationals?

March 5, 2006, 11:21 PM

you are one of the lucky ones...to have matches so close...very cool:cool:

where do you shoot at??? do you shoot all of the divisions or focus on one???

March 6, 2006, 08:53 AM
EERW, I shoot in southeastern WI.

So far I have been shooting Limited, and will likely stick with it for at least the first part of the season. I plan to shoot Limited in all of the big matches I attend this year, two sectionals and one area match. I just recently picked up another G17 and have it set up for a Production gun, I will probably drag it out for a special classifier match this spring and get a classification with it.

I want an open gun next, but scraping up enough change to get a good one is going to take some time, a lot of time actually. I would like to pick up a revolver too for match use, then there is three gun and on and on.

Dan M.
March 6, 2006, 01:46 PM
j1132s, I would be using almost the same decriptions you've been on travel time and schedules and shooting matches. Just by wild coincidence, you aren't in Southern California, specifically Orange County, are you?

March 6, 2006, 08:53 PM
My post, #6, could read that Ithink I am some sort of really good shooter. Not the case, B at best, but good enough to place well in the local club shoots around here. D to B in a year was my point.

March 6, 2006, 09:52 PM
I didn't know how constrained I was regarding firearms in CA until I moved to Texas. You know, like they say, it you've never had it you won't miss it. Now I own several guns that aren't legal in CA :) Heck, even my mags aren't legal in CA.

I just thought it was fine when I was living in CA that , to buy a handgun, you need a safety certificate. Then there's a 10 day wait (and of course you've already paid for the gun).

Now, when I feel like buying a gun, I just go to the local stores, pay, and wake right out w/ it. Since I have a conceal carry license , there's not even a background check.

But I do miss CA for its weather, mountains, ocean, rivers, and food. I gave up a lot of my hobbies after moving to Texas.

Joe D
March 7, 2006, 04:23 AM
Jim, that second match is just too far for you to drive. I will have my pilot pick you up in the Lear. Which airport?
You think you have to drive very far?
1st Sat. 96 miles
2nd Sat. 1 mile
3rd Sat. 110 miles
4th Sat. 98 miles.
The first Sat. may change when we start having IPSC matches at Steel City in April.