View Full Version : Bear Coat teflon finish

October 1, 2000, 07:33 AM
I just sent 4 new factory ruger 15 round mags to a company called Rocky Mountain Arms, Inc. in Longmont, Colo. to have them coated with a finish called Bear Coat. It`s an industrial strength teflon thats guaranteed for life. It also comes in green, black, and gray. Has anyone had any experience with this finish or this company. Sure hope they turn out good. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Roger

October 1, 2000, 09:31 AM
I worked for Bob Ford, owner of RMA. He has a great product and believes in customer satisfaction. It's a good finish, as long as you don't beat the firearm (or product coated) to death. It will last a long time in normal usage. I have a firearm coated in bear coat and it does extremely well. I feel for the money, it's a lot better than most coatings out there. IMHO.