View Full Version : Bought powder,different gunshop!

March 3, 2006, 09:23 AM
Needed a pound of H335. The last time I went to a gun shop that I've been going too for years!in Lockport Illinois area. And in that time the sales people (2) have been suffering from "*******ism" rude, and like I don't need your cash$$$$$. So this time I was near a HUGE gun shop called "Mega Sports"in Plainfield Illinois. As soon as I walked into the store , the saleperson said "Can I help you"...........WOW I thought, that fast! and I said I needed this and that. I was in and out in less then 10min, of course I spent the time looking and dreaming of all the guns that they have.........And TONS of AMMO!!!!!!!!!
Vote with your wallet........