View Full Version : Vaquero grip frame screws reversed

September 21, 2000, 08:53 AM
I just discovered that the pair of screws on the bottom of my Vaquero grip frames were reversed from what the directions and illustration in the manual indicate. The manual says the longer screw should go on the same side as the loading gate; both my Vaqueros had them on the other side. They have worked fine for the three months I've had them but I put them back in as the manual says. I haven't shot them yet, but they seem to work fine this way too. Does it really matter? I bought them new, could the factory have screwed up? Or changed the design without changing the manual? They weren't consecutive serial numbers, several hundred apart, so a slip-up on the part of a new employee seems remote. Any ideas?

September 21, 2000, 09:52 AM

The longer bottom grip frame screw was installed on the opposite side from the picture in the Ruger manual in my Blackhawk also.

When you have the grip frame off you will be able to see the little tabs on the grip frame that extend into the cylinder frame. There needs to be a cut made in at least one of these tabs to accomodate the longer screw. Sometimes Ruger mills the cut in both tabs, making the longer screw work in either side. If I remember correctly, the longer screw extends through a slot in one of the pivot pins and hold the pin in place. So depending on which way the pin is installed will determine which side the screw will go.

If your loading gate is working okay, you should be alright with them the way you have them installed.



September 23, 2000, 04:57 PM
The manual says on the loading gate side, all I've see come with the long on the other side. I reversed one in a blackhawk and the loading gate was harder to operate and it chewed up the end of the longer screw. I will keep mine on the other side, just put the take down pin in to keep the groove on the long side.

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