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March 2, 2006, 01:48 PM
Here we go again,
Total newbie to coyote hunting, and on a STRICT budget too, I have ,3 mouth calls and a tape of what they are supposed to sound like. I can make sounds a lot like what is on the tape, after driving my wife and dogs nuts.:p
Now I have an SKS scoped at 100yds. and it will hold into 2 inch groups.
Now for the question...Now what do I do..:confused: I know a place where I have seen coyotes, should I go there and start calling or ?????

March 2, 2006, 02:09 PM
If you are in a hilly area find a hill with a nice vantage point but dont sit right on top of the hill sit down a bit. The wind is a funny thing in coyote hunting because it carries the sound. You should have the wind at your back which is why many people use masking scents. The coyotes will come in from down wind. Call for a minute or two and then wait a while then call again.

The coyotes will come in usually from downwind trying to catch the scent. Theyll be swinging their heads from side to side looking and sniffing when they arent looking at you raise the rifle and theyll catch the scent or spot you and stop. Thats when you have to shoot because if you dont take that shot youll be staring at the north end of a southbound coyote wondering what the heck happened.

I always succeed in bringing them in but then i hav a jam in my rifle or i miss and i dont as a rule shoot many coyotes, i just know how its supposed to go in theory.

Chris Phelps
March 2, 2006, 02:44 PM
The coyotes where I live are VERY predictable. I don't have to use the call, I just sit in the field where they are every single night. They go through in the same spot every night between 11pm and 12am, so I go up about 10:15, lay flat on the ground about 75 yards away from where they come through, facing the tree line and wait. I set up in an area where I know I will be seeing the full side of them so I can get off a clean shot at a reasonably close range without them knowing anything is there, or trying to pick up a cent.

But then, not every pack of yotes is as predictable as this one. Nor as big.