View Full Version : Slide Rounding & Rear Channel Night Sights

September 20, 2000, 01:48 PM
Nevermind - someone found it for me over on GlockTalk. It's DRC Custom Guns at www.drccustomgunsights.com (http://www.drccustomgunsights.com)
Due to a hard disk crash here at home, I lost all my gun links.

There is a gunsmith that will round the slide, bore a channel in the rear of the slide and insert night sight lamps at the front of the channel and in the rear of the slide (not on top). He does this for several popular brands of pistols.

Does anyone know who this gunsmith is and/or have a link to his website?

I think his name is Dave and he's out in the midwest somewhere.

I called him several months ago about having this mod done to my P32 mousegun. His number doesn't appear on my phone bills, so guess I called an 800 number.

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