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September 15, 2000, 11:12 AM
I've been re-reading some old TFL posts about S&W revolver timing, but haven't quite found an answer to this question.

I have an S&W revolver that I thought had a timing problem. For one of the chambers, when the hammer is cocked slowly single-action, the cylinder does not rotate quite far enough to lock by the time the hammer reaches full cock.

The gun is still under warranty, so I shipped it to the factory service department for repair. I even used a piece of tape to mark the chamber whose timing was "off." S&W sent the gun back to me, saying that no repair was required. I checked it, and it still does the same thing.

Am I mistaken about the timing problem, or has the factory service department dropped the ball? :confused:


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Ray VonAsch
September 15, 2000, 01:01 PM
Jimmy, You definitely still have a problem with S&W here in MA. If they won't help you, take it to a local gunsmith and have it fixed. You must be getting some SERIOUS spitting and bullet shaving, not to mention lousy accuracy from that chamber(IMHO). Good luck. Ray


September 15, 2000, 07:03 PM
I attended a S&W armorer's course several years ago. What you have is called a failure to carry up. The cure was installation of a thicker hand. This would probably require filing the ratchets of the other chambers. S&W should repair this if the gun is still under warranty. I would call S&W's repair dept. and discuss this with them.

Mike Irwin
September 17, 2000, 10:06 PM
Heck yes, you have a problem!

And, if you shoot the gun long enough, you won't just have a problem on one chamber, you'll have the problem on ALL chambers.

When the cylinder bolt doesn't snap into position and hold the cylinder from rotating, the hand takes all of the twisting force associated with recoil and the bullet moving down the barrel.

Over time the hand will become battered, and actually peen and get shorter, meaning that none of the other chambers will properly lock into position.

You need to have a chat with either S&W, or one of their factory authorized repair people. I'd suggest actually taking it to a factory authorized shop, as you can then physically show the person what is going on.

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