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September 16, 2000, 02:59 PM
How do you check the headspace on an M14?

What happens if you have to much HS?

The reason I ask is I went to Smith Enterprise, Inc. web page checking on a muzzlebrake. While brousing the site, they said Almost all Chinese M14`s have that problem that have come to them. So they want you to send the gun in for a new USGI bolt and they will fit it for about $300. :eek: I think I would like to check it first or at least have some one else before I spring for those kinda $`s.

Thank You.

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September 16, 2000, 09:06 PM
They're right, most Chinese M-14 clones do have excessive headspace (and soft bolts). Take this link to Lane's Tips Page (http://members.home.com/stuka/csptips.html) they talk about headspacing about halfway down the page. It's just like headspacing an M1, you gotta take the op rod off and the bolt all apart to do it right (which is no big deal). You can buy gauges from Brownells (http://www.brownells.com), they cost around $40 each, you'll need both a GO and a NO-GO gauge. They is a "cheap azz" way to measure headspace that involves, I think, Federal Match ammo and the strategic placement of masking tape. I believe they talk about this also on Lane's Page. -- Kernel

September 17, 2000, 03:22 PM
Thanks Kernel, good site but it seem like when you get some things figured out, another comes up.
Gus Fisher had the info but another question has come up. He writes about headspace for .308 Winchester and 7.62mm: nato they are different, which brings up reloading questions.
My M14 is marked M14 .308 so I will assume it is .308 Winchester.
I will take my reloading question to reloading.