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September 9, 2000, 02:00 PM
I have a Norinco M14-308, it was purchased before the law required it ( Flash Hider )too be removed.

It has no slots anywhere on it, just a 2 1/2" long tube.

Should it have the slots? It shoots half way decent but would like to be better.

Badger Arms
September 9, 2000, 02:55 PM
I'd buy a Smith Enterprises Muzzle Brake for it. The gun will be much more controlable. It's not got any collector's value anyhow. While you are at it, you should send the whole gun off to Smith for re-heat-treating. They make it almost as presentable as a Springfield M-1A for much cheaper. Here's the link:

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September 10, 2000, 10:09 PM
Do a little more research. I believe by law none of the Norinco/Polytech M-14 clones can lawfully have a GI type flashhider. This was due to an import restrictions targeted specifically against China by the Bush Administration in the late 80's, it's got nothing to do with Clinton's 1994 "Assault Weapon" ban. That said, you can still put a Smith muzzle brake on it's perfectly legal.

All the Norincos I've seen simply had the flash hider cut off and the retaining nut tack-welded in place. Use a Dremel to cut the tack-welds, unscrew the nut, and the spines should still be in the barrel underneath. The Smith brake should slip right on, though you may need to buy a new retaining nut. -- Kernel

September 11, 2000, 02:37 PM
Kernel the one I have may have been before the Bush deal, like Serial 0007XX, nothing has been cut off, I have seen the ones that have been mutalated.

I think I will go with the Smith Muzzle Brake.

Thanks, badgerarms and Kernel

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September 11, 2000, 07:16 PM
HighPower, you might be on the bubble. I heard that fewer than 100 Chinese M-14 types were imported before the ban went into effect. Though I don't know how strongly this particular wrinkle in the law is enforced. I see used Chinese M-14s (by law they can't be imported anymore in any form) on dealer's tables at gunshows all the time with USGI flash hiders on them, it's technically illegal but no one seems to care. -- Kernel