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Al Thompson
September 7, 2000, 09:28 PM
Hi folks,

The neighbor just got a Garand that has (I think) polyurathane on part of the action and various peices.

Looks like whomever refinished the stock used an old sock and slopped it on the action as well.

I have not had this problem before and was thinking MEK or some solvant. I am worried about the finish - which is as noted, Parkerizing.

FYI - the Garand is a very nice SA. Blue Sky import, had the usual headspace problem, new bolt solved that.



September 8, 2000, 04:59 PM

I'll tell you I've used Formby's Paint and Poly Wash on various projects with great results. I believe it's mostly acetone with some methylethylketone miixed in together.

Parkerizing is part of the steel right? Doesn't the process alter the surface structure of the steel to make it porous so it will hold oil? Any solvent should be OK.

Anyway, test on a non-visible part then if OK, scrub the poly with a toothbrush until gone.

Badger Arms
September 8, 2000, 08:18 PM
Parkerizing is a chemical process that deposits crystals of Manganese or Zinc Phosphate instead of Iron Oxide. These both stop the rusting process and hold oils really well. Unfortunately from your point of view, they also hold varnishes well also. I've heard of people using laquer on their guns to essentially 'paint' them with a coating that won't dry up or need retouching. It's actually fine to leave it that way. To remove it, a fairly strong solvent should do the job quickly. Use gasoline, mineral spirits, or acetone. Make sure you use gloves and it should clean right off. Use synthetic oil right afterwards to rustproof the gun. DON'T USE STEEL WOOL or it will hurt the finish. A cotton cloth is all you do.

BTW: have a gunsmith use a bore erosion gauge and a headspace gauge on the gun to make sure its safe. Blue Sky guns are considered crap by many fans including myself. To my recollection (which is failing regularly) they are reimports from Korea after having been used for twenty years by poorly trained conscripts. A good once-over by a Garand expert might do you well also.

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Al Thompson
September 10, 2000, 03:54 PM

Badger, your right about the blue skys. I bought one years ago in Atlanta and had time to sort through a bunch. Got a good stock and Winchester action - the barrel was OK, but had excessive headspace, as they all seem to have had. My buddies was guaged and needed a new bolt also. The poly was a result of a previous owner. Good for a discount though!