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September 9, 2000, 06:44 PM
Picked up an (obviously) used Rem model 29 (S/N = 23XXX = appears to have been around the block a few times) pump 12 ga shotgun recently (= cheap & won't dare tell the price ;) ) ...

Dad was checking it out (on vaca & an ex National Armed Forces Skeet Champion - circa ? 1953 ?) ...

Anyway, he was thrown back into the olden days (a pretty nifty thing to see, BTW :cool: )....

He'd mentioned something along the lines of having a Rem M10 ...

... any feedback, etc. re either one of these old shooters?

Dad would appreciate it (as would I - it is nice to see that light shine again re "the olden days" ... )

Cross-posted in "Research" & "shotguns" just for the hell of it ... would be nice to know.

September 10, 2000, 02:08 AM
labgrade, nice feeling, uh? :)
I'm not sure which you are inquiring about...or both...but here....
The model 10 was available in 12 gauge only and manufactured from 1907 until 1929. It was offered with up to a 32 inch full choke barrel. The model 29 appears to have been it's replacement with production beginning the same year as it's end, 1929, and lasting until 1933. Your father had a good eye in recognizing it successor. The model 29 was a five shot, bottom ejector with either a solid or vent rib barrel. It saw relatively limited production of only 24,000 examples during it's production period. It to was available with a 32 inch barrel.
It might be time to head out to the local trap range to "test" the old jewel. :)


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