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September 1, 2000, 05:33 PM
I have a recurring problem with a standard Mk II, need some advice if possible.
When firing the last round of a magazine, the bolt is jammed at the rear, but up against the rear of the magazine, not against the bolt stop. The bolt is jammed tightly and needs quite a strong pull to free it and move it approx 1/16" back to the regular "bolt locked open" position. When the bolt is jammed in this way, the magazine is also stuck tightly. With prodigious effort the mag can be removed, and the bolt slams forward (the mag and bolt are wedging against eachother).

This malf occurs most often when my girlfriend is shooting the pistol, possibly some limp-wristing, but also for me at times. Since the pistol had worked fine for several hundred rounds before developing this consistent problem, I suspected it was finally getting dirty. I detail stripped it and cleaned it well, put it back together correctly (I was worried after hearing some horror stories of reassembly, but it was quite easy). The malfunction started happening again after 3-4 mags... This problem happens with all sorts of ammo and several different factory magazines.

I'd appreciate any help you could suggest, thanks.

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September 1, 2000, 05:45 PM
Call Ruger.They stand behind what they sell and it sounds like gunsmith time.

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James K
September 1, 2000, 08:31 PM
Hi, mPisi,

In normal operation, the bolt should not even touch the magazine. Since this only occurs on an empty magazine, it sounds like there is interference between the bolt stop, the magazine and the bolt. Is there a possibility that the pistol was taken down and not assembled properly? Check out the bolt stop and be sure it is in the right way. Then leave off the left grip and see if you can determine what is happening. If there is nothing obvious, you will probably need help.

You can send it to Ruger or use a local gunsmith. The first is best for reliability and cost, but may take longer.