View Full Version : Nylon Drift Punches for Installing Pistol Sites..where can they be had?

Justin Moore
August 25, 2000, 11:40 PM
I was wondering if anyone here could tell me where I could find a nylon or nylon tipped drift punch suitable for installing some pistol sites? Brownells makes one, but the only size they have is 5/16th in diameter and I was hoping to find something smaller than that. Thanks for your help :)


Jim V
August 26, 2000, 12:04 AM
If Brownell's does not offer anything smaller, I don't know where to send you. You may have to have them made by a friendly machinest and his lathe.

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Badger Arms
August 26, 2000, 02:30 PM
I bought my nylon punches from Brownells and they came in all sizes. Try www.brownells.com (http://www.brownells.com) and see if they have any. The other option is to use brass punches which are easier on the sight than steel. I always use a rag when using steel punches to soften the blow and prevent marring.

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August 26, 2000, 08:58 PM
Brass works fine. Any good hardware store will have a variety of sizes. Remember: tap, tap, tap; not pound, pound, pound ;)


August 27, 2000, 10:19 AM
whittle down your old toothbrush handle. works fine for sight pins. doesn't last long, but look at the cost! :)

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August 29, 2000, 06:36 PM
I have used the nylon tip punches but have found that when dealing with a very snug sight that the nylon material absorbes a lot of the hammer blow and may not get the job done. I usually end up using a brass or steel punch. The brass can leave a mark and the steel a scratch but both are easily touched up.