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August 27, 2000, 02:50 PM
I am trying to refinish the stock on a Garand, and while I can remove the stock and the forward handgaurd, I can't get off the piece of wood in the middle.

There is a clip that holds down the rear of the piece of wood, but no matter what I try, it doesn't want to let go.

Any suggestions?

Robert Foote
August 27, 2000, 04:14 PM
The lower handguard is held on by a spring steel clip. You need to remove the 'ferrule' (horse-shoe shaped piece) that keeps it from moving forward. It is held in position on the barrel by either a solid or roll pin. Drive that pin out and the ferrule will slide forward and allow the lower handguard to be slid forward out of the retaining grooves. Replacement is the reverse. Removing the clip itself from the handguard to refinish is 'difficult' without proper tools. You could break the wood which is on the thin side there. Suggest you just mask the metal with some electrical tape and proceed. Depending on whether this is a 'shooter' rifle or not you may wish to shorten the back end of that piece of wood so it has about 1/8" free play fore and aft when installed. If tight it tends to affect point of impact as the barrel heats--especially if it is quite tight to start with.

Culver Shooting Pages at www.jouster.com (http://www.jouster.com) is the place to educate yourself on the M1. Well worth a visit if you're just getting your feet wet. Good luck.


August 27, 2000, 07:12 PM
Thanks a lot for your help, Robert!

I thought about removing the roll pin from the ferrule and moving it forward, but I wasn't sure. Glad to know that that is the correct procedure.