View Full Version : improving trigger on Rossi 92

Jack Straw
August 23, 2000, 11:30 AM
I have a Rossi 92 that I love shooting other than the fact that it has about 2 feet of creep in the trigger. I have noticed this on every other lever gun that I have fired. Is that much creep "built in" a lever action, or can it be taken out?



Walt Sherrill
August 23, 2000, 11:55 AM
Hmmm. I had a Rossi 92 (in .357 mag) and liked it. Later sold it. It had virtually no creep, out of the box. A competent gunsmith should be able to fix that for you relatively cheaply.

George Stringer
August 24, 2000, 06:58 AM
Jack, do you mean creep or take-up? Creep is that gritty feeling movement after the slack is taken up and before the hammer falls. Take-up is the "loose" trigger or slack in the trigger before it actually begins to engage the sear/hammer. Creep can be eliminated by your gunsmith. It requires polishing the engagement surfaces. He may or may not be able to eliminate the take-up. He should be able to get rid of most of it though. George

Jack Straw
August 24, 2000, 07:30 AM

Its definitely gritty feeling. After thinking about your question, I figure that it was take-up that I noticed in other guns (primarily Marlin 336 models). Thanks for the clarification.


August 25, 2000, 12:44 AM
Hate to harp, but trigger work can get dangerous. I've seen too many triggers that were "tuned" to the point of being unreliable. Never hurts to get an estimate from a smith. Smiths usually back up their work.

Al Thompson
August 27, 2000, 06:39 AM
I had a Rossi that had the same problems. Trigger job was about $40 and cured the problem. Wife took it when she left. The rifle was very decent - rolling cans at 50 (+) yards was no challenge.

If you know some CASS folks, they probably have a handle on local smiths that do good work on lever guns.